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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Update From Catherine Bearder MEP

You know that summer has arrived when Wimbledon begins but someone needs to tell the weather to catch up!  I always know the summer break is coming when the frenetic pace of activities in the parliament speed up even more trying to get things through before the recess. As a member of the International Trade […]

Worthing Lib Dems call for schools to be open on childrens’ future

Worthing Liberal Democrats are today calling on all Worthing School Boards of Governors to hold their regular meetings in public.  The call follows the current controversy over the proposed conversion of Worthing High Trust School to an academy which was approved by the school governors behind closed doors. Parents and teachers were refused entry to listen to the […]

Residents chance to have their say on crime and community safety

A special survey is giving West Sussex residents a chance to have their say on how they feel about crime and their safety in their own community. The Police, local authorities, the Health Service, the Probation Service and the Fire & Rescue Service, as well as local voluntary and community groups, work in partnership to […]

Sharon Bowles MEP calls on UK Government to support deal on European Patent Court

Sharon Bowles Member of the European Parliament and accredited European Patent Attorney, has today called on the UK Government to support a proposed deal on the location of the new European Patent Court. A European patent that covers the whole of the single market, rather than the current system which requires patents to be registered […]

Central banks’ posting of collateral, Round 2

Sharon Bowles MEP for South-East England, who chairs the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, welcomes the announcement by the Bank of England that they will no longer ask for a special exemption when it comes to certain derivative transactions that it enters into on behalf of the UK. Central banks’ often enter into […]

Those found guilt of interest rates manipulation should be fired on the spot – Williams

Commenting on the Financial Service Authority’s findings that Barclays manipulated Libor rates, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Treasury Committee, Stephen Williams said: “Barclays has challenged the fundamentals of the British banking system. This is yet another symptom of the broken and poisonous banking system which Labour allowed to flourish. “A full investigation is […]

EU urgently needs sustainable free trade with US and Japan

Catherine Bearder Member of the European Parliament for South-East England has told the online magazine Public Service Europe that the EU needs free trade agreements with the major developed economics to kick-start economic growth again. As European leaders trudge once more towards another ‘make or break’ European summit, the debate is still raging across Europe […]

Controlled Parking Zone for Worthing set to be introduced

A new Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) for parts of Worthing is due to come into effect later in the summer. The CPZ is an area of streets where parking is controlled through the day. Residents, local businesses and their visitors are given priority to park by purchasing permits or vouchers. This can also improve road […]

Final phase of bus cuts decided

West Sussex County Council has reached a decision on which bus subsidies are to be reduced during the final phase of its three-year programme to cut non-commercial routes by £2 million. The savings are part of the County Council’s drive to save £79m following significant grant reductions from central government. A comprehensive list showing how […]

Latest traveller information

Adur and Worthing Councils and Sussex Police are continuing to work in partnership to deal with the Traveller incursions at Beach Green Lancing, Findon Gallops, and Hill Barn / Rotary Ground, Worthing. In the case of Beach Green a hearing for possession of the land is listed at Worthing County Court for 10.00 on Thursday […]