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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Making sure the ‘Sid’ is in safe hands

Another Big Society transfer thanks to local Lib Dem County Councillor Irene Richards as the Worthing-based Sidney Walter Centre is handed over to the community by West Sussex County Council. Come with us on a tour inside the ‘Sid’ to see just what it means to those who use it.

New film puts services for vulnerable people in the spotlight

A new film looks at two important schemes which help elderly and vulnerable people in West Sussex stay active and independent. The film shows how the British Red Cross ‘Home from Hospital’ scheme is helping people who live on their own during the first few weeks after they are discharged from hospital. It highlights the […]

Coalition is cutting taxes for the lowest paid – Williams

Commenting on Ed Miliband and Ed Balls’ press conference on tax this morning, Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson, Stephen Williams said: “Labour only introduced the 50p rate as the last, desperate act of a discredited government. They hit low-income workers by scrapping the 10p tax rate. And Labour cut Capital Gains Tax for millionaires every year […]

Shoreham shuttle bus breaks ‘1,000 passengers a day’ barrier

Over 1,000 passengers now regularly use the Shoreham footbridge shuttle bus every day. The free service between Shoreham town centre and Shoreham Beach has steadily grown in popularity since being introduced by West Sussex County Council. With more than 1,000 people using it daily during the week, the buses carry around 1,200 passengers to and […]

Bowles proposes a small print charge for legal disclaimers

Sharon Bowles Member of the European Parliament for the south-East of England and Chair of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, welcomed the vote  support of the Saïd El Khadraoui report on Shadow banking. The report is aimed at getting a better regulatory grip on shadow banking. The final report, which was voted […]

Appointment of Yves Mersch to ECB Board: Statement from Sharon Bowles

“The European Central Bank (ECB) now has a member on its highest board without a democratically established mandate. The European Uunion’s (EU) heads of state have sent a clear signal of what their idea of a democratic process is: a tool to be upheld in form and discarded when its truths are inconvenient. “Citizens across […]

Bearder pressure helps unlock money for rural broadband across West Sussex

A superfast broadband scheme to invest £6.2m  in rural broadband in West Sussex has been given the green light by the European Commission, following pressure from Catherine Bearder Member of the European Parliament for the South-East of England. Work to start laying cable can start which will mean improved internet speeds to homes and businesses based […]

Lib Dem MEPs join calls for reform of abortion law in Ireland

Members of the European Parliament  have joined a protest calling for urgent reform of Ireland’s abortion law. Catherine Bearder Members of the European Parliament for the South-East of England took part in an action day, which included demonstrations at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, as well as outside Irish embassies around the world. She joined more than […]

MEPs demand robust regulation on shale gas, but fracking ban rejected

Rules to control shale gas exploitation do not go far enough, Catherine Bearder Member of the European Parliament for the South-East of England has said. Catherine voted to support a call to member states to ban new fracking operations in the European Union, but the amendment was rejected by other MEPs. It comes after residents […]

Euromyth Buster: EU debate should be based on fact, not fantasy

The British media is in love with the Euromyth. The invented tales about European Union policy have the ability to amuse and terrify the public. But Catherine Bearder, Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for the South-East England, explains why she has launched her Euromyth Buster campaign to make sure fact is not substituted […]