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Worthing Council Tax frozen except for the poorest

Last night the Council approved the Council Tax for next year. It is frozen again except for those working age people on Council Tax Support who will be changed an extra £5.00 per week. When challenged by Keith Sunderland the reply was that it would make them feel more engaged. The measure will cost £42,000 […]

What does the chancellor mean when he talks about Welfare?

George Osbourne is quite happy to talk about Welfare and accept that everyone thinks that this is the same as Unemployment benefit. As you can see on the link below this is NOT the case.   What is in welfare

What does a local councillor do?

I did this interview for the Community mapping project which will be available soon, but I thought this might give an idea of how I approach the role of Councillor. I am therefore putting it on our website. I seem to have been slightly stretched vertically but hopefully the words will be more important than […]

Online Shopping and Town Centre Design

We increasingly hear that online shopping is becoming more and more popular. I think that in out own lives we can probably acknowledge the truth of this. There is also a big shortage of affordable housing in Worthing. About 1000 local people are looking for homes. It seems to me that re thinking out core […]

Travellers in Northbrook

Keith Sunderland

Travellers arrived yesterday in the park by the Northbrook Project. This was reported in the social media and action is being taken. Here is an extract from and email from Paul Yallop (leader of the council) to local councillors Keith Sunderland and Diane Jones: We notified the Police and Peter Latham. Inspector Whitehouse attended to […]

Other countries are literally dying for democracy while we can’t be bothered. What is wrong?

It is sad that somehow politicians are failing to communicate the importance of voting. In Northbrook Ward nearly 80% of the Electoral Roll did not take advantage of their opportunity to vote in the last election. It is not that long ago that people where dying in this country to get the votes for women. […]

getting it sorted

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I have had a number of people complain that there are Tesco trolleys everywhere. I have asked Laura Scott of Phoenix Youth Group to ask her kids to collect them and take them back to Tesco’s. This fits in with her Dream Scheme that she is running to get them involved in the Community. She […]

About Keith Sunderland. Standing in Northbrook Ward

I retired early from GlaxoSmithKline where I worked as a medical rep. I did this to have more time to put into the community and became a councillor for Durrington. I served in that capacity for 4 years. I am now Chair of Worthing West and East Arun Liberal Democrats. I am also chair of […]

Nothing changes

Had a chat with a couple in Northbrook Ward who said that there was no point in voting in Worthing because nothing ever changes. I agreed that nothing ever changes because the Conservatives have been voted in for nearly 50 years. IF WE WANT CHANGE, WE NEED TO VOTE LIBDEM and Give Worthing a chance […]

Costs and Population growth

Keith Sunderland

One of the residents of Northbrook points out that child benefit comes to £20.30 a week for the first child (£1055.60 per year) and £13.40 for subsequent children (£696 pa). Actually she/he worked out the maths wrongly and got much higher figures for the year. However should we paying couples to have more children? Personally […]