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Tories ‘rubber stamp’ Controversial Fencing

Tory Councillors have gone ahead with their controversial plans to fence off Broadwater Manor Ground despite hearing evidence from local residents groups that the consultation was flawed. In response, Deputy Lib Dem Leader Bob Smytherman told the committee that this would be the “thin end of the wedge” as further applications to fence off public land […]

UPDATE: Manor Sports Ground Fencing

Earlier this week we announced our opposition to the fencing-off of part of Manor Sports Ground for use by the new Bohunt Academy, and in a victory for Adur & Worthing Liberal Democrats the decision has been called in to scrutiny. Councillors Hazel Thorpe and Bob Smytherman, supported by Councillor James Doyle (Green) requested a […]

We will not sit on the fence!

Adur & Worthing Liberal Democrats totally agree with Worthing residents that open spaces such as our parks, sports grounds and our greensward should be kept open for public use for all ages. Schools too should be able to retain their playing fields and not be forced into selling off sections of land to development to pay […]


In the blame game over who is responsible and accountable over the payout to NCP one salient fact has been overlooked. Whatever officers have done or not done it is the Cabinet Member for Environment that is ultimately responsible for the parking portfolio. In July 2009 Worthing Borough Council (WBC) and NCP agreed to trial […]

Worthing Lib Dem Budget Speech & Amendment by Cllr Alan Rice (Feb 18th 2014)

This being a time of austerity I read recently a book about a former time of austerity – between the two world wars.  In “The Road to Wigan Pier” George Orwell  describes the terrible housing conditions and the impossibility for many to provide decent food on the table in northern towns.  I hope and trust […]

ONLY 3 WORKING DAYS left to SAVE some cash on Gas and Electricity !

Only 3 working days to go to the FIRST EVER Energy deal for Residents, promoted by your local Liberal Democrats. Hazel Thorpe, newly reselected  PPC  says “ It is a great example of Lib Dems in Government bringing a positive influence to local issues, action not just words- they don’t pay the bills”. Sign and […]

Car parks unsafe in Tory hands

Worthing Liberal Democrats are astonished the Borough Council’s Tory administration has yet another “misunderstanding” on the wording of a car parking legal document with one of its suppliers. It would appear in this case a dispute with NCP has the potential to cost Worthing’s taxpayers £600,000 plus. It is unacceptable. This is the second time […]

Worthing Liberal Democrats Weekly Newsletter – 12th to 18th May 2013

Articles for the past week: Leader:  Lip service   News this past week: 1. S106 Funding Diverted To Montague Street 2. Apply For £6m WWI Funding Urges Jemima Bland 3. Bob becomes Mayor 4. New Lib Dem County Team WORTHING LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER 12TH TO 18TH MAY 2013 Lib Dems will keep County services local where ever […]

Worthing Liberal Democrats Weekly Newsletter – 28th April to 4th May 2013

Articles for the past week: Leader:  We woz wrong News this past week: 1. Jemima Bland Selected As Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate For East Worthing & Shoreham With Full Endorsement From Her Party 2. Calling Notice: Rt Hon Paul Burstow MP To Visit Worthing 3. Worthing Lib Dems Lose Two County Seats WORTHING LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER 28TH APRIL […]

Worthing Liberal Democrats Weekly Newsletter – 21st to 27th April 2013

 Articles for the past week: Leader:  Extraordinary behaviour   News this past week:   1. Tory Grandee Jumps Ship   2. Tories Out Of Touch On Guildbourne 3. County Candidates Bask On Sunshine   4. Parking – The Saga Continues   WORTHING LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER 21ST TO 27TH APRIL 2013 Lib Dems will keep […]