Adur, West & East Worthing Party including East Arun

Amendment by the Liberal Democrat Group to West Sussex County Council budget 2014/15

County Council – 14 February 2014    

Performance Framework and Revenue Budget and Capital Programme 2014/15

Amendment by the Liberal Democrat Group




Total net expenditure in original recommendations



Additional base spending from 2014/15



Reduction in cuts/additional services comprising:



·         Street lighting in urban areas after midnight



·         Access to Adult Services



·         Mental Health Services



·         Pavement repairs



·         Youth Services









Base budget



Redirection of funding earmarked for 2015/16 Better Roads Programme in 2014/15 






Revised total net expenditure




The Liberal Democrat Group supports the budget proposal to invest £30m to improve the condition of urban and rural unclassified roads across the county over the next two years, including the proposed phasing of works.  The Group also notes that the provision for the entire programme is included in 2014/15, in advance of the proposed cashflows.  This is made up of £15m of accumulated underspending from 2013/14 and £15m of base budget revenue funding for 2014/15.

It is proposed that £5m of this latter sum is redirected to enhancing the base budget to provide ongoing support for:

This will not affect the delivery of the first year of the programme as £25m will still be available.  It is proposed that the final £5m is provided in the 2015/16 budget from the £10m base budget remaining after the service improvements recommended above.

The effects on the revenue budget and capital programme are detailed on the attached appendix, but do not affect the bottom line in either case, merely representing a reallocation of resources within the same envelope.