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Bowles claims victory for transparency in European statistics

Sharon Bowles Member of the European Parliament or the South-East of England and Chair of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, today welcomed the successful adoption of her report on European statistics.

The European Statistics Authority 2010 Regulation* will improve transparency in the transmission of data from EU countries to the European statistics body, EUROSTAT; and will be essential for the excessive deficit procedure, the calculation of structural funds, and shaping EU economic policy as a whole.

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Sharon said:

“National and regional accounts are the cornerstone of all macroeconomic statistics and are the lens through which we look at our economies.

“In the budgetary framework of the 6 pack it was agreed that there should be better reporting of public sector liabilities and an end to off-balance sheet accounting for governments, and it takes good statistics to track that.

“Unfortunately, four large Member States were reluctant to have mandatory transmission of pension liabilities data, which the Parliament saw as a blatant attempt to keep potentially embarrassing information out of the public domain and away from calculations.

“However, after several rounds of negotiation we got agreement that all Member States will transmit that data, which is a win for Parliament and a win for transparency and good governance.”