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Calls for Resignation Over Brooklands Shambles

At last night’s meeting (25th October 2016) Worthing Borough Council received a petition from over 1,500 local residents expressing years of frustration with the shoddy state of Brooklands Park and the blue algae that has killed a numerous number of birds and wildlife following years of failing to dredge the lake and manage the crisis.

During the debate Deputy Lib Dem leader Bob Smytherman called on the Cabinet Member for the Environment,  Clive Roberts, to resign over the shambles. The Cabinet Member who was absent for this important debate has also  recently taken the decision to fence off the public open space at the Manor Ground in Broadwater without proper  consultation and against his own Council’s policy. This issue has been called in for scrutiny by the Lib Dems next  month.


Liberal Democrat councillors also highlighted the shocking neglect of Brooklands Park over the last few years of Tory  rule and reminded the Council what an essential tourism attraction the park is for families all year round. Despite  pressing the Conservative Leader about the Tourism budget he did not confirm how much was being spent to  support our much loved attractions such as Brooklands. The Conservative Executive refused to allow other  councillors to scrutinise the report on Brooklands.

Evidence would suggest that Brooklands is not safe in the hands of the Conservatives.