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Eurofile No 10

Lib Dem Eurofile Edition 10 Eurofile 10

 Our major concern is with the Eurozone crisis with quotes from Sharon Bowles, Guy Verhofstadt and many more.

Carol Weaver looks at whether the Eurozone would have got into this mess if the UK had been a member.

Report on the Arab Aawkening event in Birmingham

Diana Wallis and Chris Davies on recognition for Palestine

Catherine Bearder on tar sands

Flo Clucas stands up for EU Cohesion Policy

Graham Watson on laundering the ill gotten gains of dictators

Liz Lynne on equality in the workplace for cancer sufferers

Sarah Ludford on UK adoption of language rights for defendents.

Sharon Bowles thanks Trichet

Watson on drug reform

Chris Davies laments lack of progress on emissions

Lib Dems say UK should break trade rules and ban eggs that don’t meet welfare standards

Welcome for EU Broadband funding