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Crimestoppers Property Protector – Join Us on Facebook and Share Crime Reduction Ideas

Cost Effective Crime Reduction
 Since the launch of Crimestoppers Property Protector in early 2011 our aim has been to make a property marking solution for the householder Easy to Buy, Easy to Use and Easy to Register. 
With the product available from both Tesco and a number of online retailers, Crimestoppers Trust and other charity and community sites; a value for money retail price; simple bottle and brush application; and as the database for property registration, we feel we are achieving that aim.

For 2012 we want to help more neighbourhoods and communities protect themselves from the threat of burglary and property theft and want to hear from you about your crime prevention activity so we can work with you more closely.

                                                     Join us on Facebook
We have created a Facebook page for Crimestoppers Property Protector and we want to know what crime reduction initiatives you are involved in. So why not share some good ideas with us on Facebook.
Also if you are a user of Crimestoppers Property Protector have you marked something strange or unusal? Let us know.
Don’t be a victim of crime  – read our practical guide here 
Working in partnership with Crimestoppers Trust, Crimestoppers Property Protector is Crimestoppers first product to further their crime-fighting goals, assisting the prevention and detection of crime and the return of stolen property to the rightful owner.
Crimestoppers Property Protector is an effective low cost solution to deterring crime.
A donation from every pack purchased goes to the charity CRIMESTOPPERS wherever it is purchased.
 Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM 5ml bottle solution – up to 200 applications
  • Thieves beware warning window/door sticker
  • 36 mini warning labels
  • UV key fob torch – Watch your Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM marked products glow under UV light.
  • Lifetime registration -The UK National Property Register
Help a Friend Stamp Out Crime