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Faults in West Sussex street lights and other street furniture

From time to time faults develop in street lights and other street furniture such as traffic bollards and illuminated street signs. These faults are usually easy to get rectified, and the sooner you report the problem the sooner it will be fixed. In the meantime there could be an avoidable safety hazard. We would urge you to play your part, as responsible members of our communities, to report faults as quickly as possible. The faults could include street lights not functioning correctly, bollards displaced, bare wires visible or where the top of the light column is shrouded by trees.

Problems are dealt with by West Sussex County Council’s contactors, Southern Electric.

There are two ways of drawing the problem to their attention, and it really helps if you know the column numbers involved (there is a number marked on every light column, often near eye level, or there should be a sticker attached to other items), as well as the street and approximate location. The first is to phone their call centre 0800 0482 435, and the second is online .

Both methods are free of charge.

Online, enter a nearby postcode to display a map of the area, or a street name and then select the correct one.

The map can be “grabbed” and dragged, or use the arrow keys at the top left of the map, until you can see the faulty item. If the map seems congested at that spot (there could be several items in places) then you can zoom in on the map by clicking on the + sign at the top left corner within the map.

Click on the faulty item and “For faults only”.

You can then select the nature of the fault, or “Other” and insert comments.

Use “Other” to report trees blocking the light. Then select “Next” and enter your details. If you want your computer to remember these (for example, if you think you may need to make other reports) then tick the “remember details” box, then Send.

Please pass on this information to all your friends in West Sussex.