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Grammar Schools fail the test on social mobility

Responding to a BBC investigation which found fewer than half of England’s grammar schools give poor pupils priority in allocating places, Liberal Democrat Councillor Hazel Thorpe said:

“Everyone has a unique learning style and the  age at which we want to learn. Grammar schools therefore do not suit everyone and from my own experience are divisive. Fortunately for me, I passed the tests , kept up with my friends and went to a Technical School – I haven’t looked back but many others had their opportunities starved at the age of 11. Mrs May wants to go back to her childhood days as a panacea for all, but times have moved on and so has the cost of a good education wherever you live. “

This comes after the news that schools across Adur & Worthing are warning they may have no option but to cut their hours – even floating the idea of a four-day week – unless they are given emergency financial help from the government. This year, West Sussex children received £44m less than the national average, and £200m less than the average London borough, where children from deprived backgrounds attract additional funding. 

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