Adur, West & East Worthing Party including East Arun

Is Localism alive in Durrington?

Last Thursday night in the Gordon Room at the Town Hall, despite very strong objections from about 120 protesters against the West Durrington Development, amongst them Michael Donin your local Councillor, the Development Control Committee voted to allow the development of 700 new houses. The main concern was the only access in and out using Fulbeck Avenue. This means approximately 1200  vehicles coming and going via this bottleneck to the new estate. I forecast traffic chaos. Flooding was the other major concern, especially on the lower areas. Climate change, in my opinion, throws all the figures and calculations out of the window! I  asked for an additional condition to be added to the list which was that the developers put up a £500 million insurance to cover all the residents against flooding and the properties becoming uninsurable. This was totally ignored by the committee. The only Committee votes against the application due to the above outstanding issues came from the 2 Liberal Democrat Members.

I believe we do need additional housing including social housing but it needs sensible planning and taking into account the local community.

So, in short, the wishes of the local people in Durrington and Northbrook Wards were totally disregarded.

The new Localism Bill has not come to Worthing.  When will the Conservative controlled Ccouncil allow local democracy to prevail in Durrington and let local people take part in making local desicions?