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Latest daft idea. Fine people who have no money

The Latest idea from the Conservatives is to fine rough sleepers. £100 spot or £1000 in court if they can’t pay.

You can just imagine the conversation:

Police Officer: ” You have been found rough sleeping and are therefore liable to pay a fine of £100. If you fail to pay this then I have to inform you that you will be leable to up to £1000 fine in court. ”

Rough Sleeper: ” Haven’t got any money”

Police Officer: ” Then I will have to charge you and you will liable to a fine in court. What is your name?”

Rough Sleeper: “Ben”

Police Officer: “Surname?”

Rough Sleeper: “Not saying”

Police Officer: “Where do you live?”

Rough Sleeper: ” On the street!”

Police Officer: ” I will have to arrest you and take you to the cells”

Rough Sleeper: “It will be warm there”

This is a horrible vindictive measure that is aimed at the unfortunate because some people simply want to move them to another town. We may get more as other towns do the same because they will be coming to our courts to be fined £1000. 

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