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Lib Dems slam state of Pot-hole repairs and Grass cutting in West Sussex

Liberal Democrats have criticised West Sussex County Council for the poor standard of pot hole repairs and grass cutting across West Sussex.

Deputy group leader Dr James Walsh said at the 1 June Policy & Resources Select Committee;

“We are told that the wet weather has caused the grass to grow quickly, and to make cutting it difficult. Why can residents and home owners manage to cut their own grass, and often the grass verges outside their houses, while our contractors, with a much greater variety of grass cutters available to them , find it difficult to do the same?”

“It is surely just a lame excuse for poor performance. The problem is now compounded as the long grass cuttings are left to block drains and gully’s, and generally to litter the County’s pavements.”

“On pothole repairs Dr Walsh said

“We need our road maintenance contractors to use more common sense. They will go round marking up larger potholes with white paint, and then return a week or two later to carry out the actual repair. By that time, other previously smaller potholes nearby will have extended into larger holes, but because they are not marked with white paint they do not get repaired, and so get even bigger, and have to wait for the next cycle of white paint and repairs.”

“All this causes danger for cyclists and motor-cycles, as well as for smaller wheeled cars. It would make more sense and probably save time and money if repair gangs could use their common sense and repair all holes in that immediate vicinity that need repairs.”