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Livingstone and Johnson’s Disability Question Time snub is insulting – Paddick

Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone have snubbed a Disability Question Time taking place today.

Transport for All has organised the event in order for deaf, disabled and older people to voice their concerns and aspirations to all Mayoral candidates. London Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick will be attending but the current Mayor and Ken Livingstone will be sending representatives.

Commenting, Brian Paddick said:

“The refusal of Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone to attend this essential event is an insult to disabled Londoners.

“There are 1.4m deaf and disabled people living in London and this is an excellent opportunity for all Mayoral candidates to learn directly about their concerns.

“Both the current and the former Mayor have failed to provide sufficient access to the City’s transport system for disabled people.  Half of all bus stops in London do not comply with accessibility legislation, just 10 out of 270 Tube stations are step free from the street to the train and 347 of TfL’s pedestrian crossings are unsafe for blind people because they lack any audible guidance.

“Disabled Londoners just want the same opportunities that other Londoners take for granted. It’s shocking that Johnson and Livingstone do not appear concerned or even willing to listen.”

  • The Transport for All Disability Question Time starts at 11.30am at Coin Street Community Builders, 108 Stamford Street South Bank, London SE1 9NH.