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New and “fertile ground” created for green investment

The Liberal Democrats have created a “fertile ground” for investment in the South East’s green economy, Catherine Bearder MEP said today (11 April 2012).

The Liberal Democrats in Government announced on Wednesday a series of measures to alleviate fuel poverty and encourage demand for insulation and energy saving products. This is coupled with figures released showing the extent of private investment into the South-East of England from green businesses, which have created thousands of long-term jobs.

It includes plans to build new energy generating waste plants and Wind-farms.

Catherine said: “It’s great to see this level of private sector money being fed into the south east’s green economy. It just goes to prove how the Liberal Democrats have managed to create a fertile ground for these investments and, with the Green Deal; the Lib Dems are doing the right thing for the environment, household budgets and the economy. Not only does this mean lower energy bills for everyone, but this huge investment will create green jobs and investment which leave a lasting legacy.”

Breakdown of the figures:

Investment: £265 Million  Potential further investment: £136 Million   

Jobs created: 2,081  Potential additional jobs: 725

Total Jobs: 2,806   Total Investment:£401 Million

Examples of the investment:

• Viridor: planning £205 Million energy from waste plant, which will create 40 permanent jobs

• Bam Nuttall, Camberley, Surrey: to carry out £4.5 Million expansion, Campbeltown New Quay

• Eneco: planned 900-1200 MegaWatts Navitus Bay wind farm off Isle of Wight

• Real Ventures: planned 50 MegaWatts biomass plant. £130 Million investment, up to 235 jobs

•Rampion planned offshore Wind Farm creating up 700 MegaWatts of electricity – Sussex Coast