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Oli Henman selected for East Worthing & Shoreham

In a move to strengthen the Liberal Democrats as the main party of opposition to the Conservatives in the 2017 General Election across Sussex, the party has announced Oli Henman as its candidate for MP for East Worthing & Shoreham.

Oli is a dynamic campaigner for social justice and the environment. He is passionate about ensuring a just and sustainable future through an open and inclusive democracy. He is married, with 2 young children.

He has spent over 10 years working with international charities and has a strong track record in community engagement, participation and good governance. He has direct experience of supporting community organisations around the world including in North Africa, Eastern Europe and in South America, on a range of international projects with key agencies such as the UN, EU and the UK’s Department for International Development. He has successfully brought these lessons back home and has been involved in a number of roles to improve accountability and provide fairer access to public services in the UK, including Welfare to Work, rehabilitation and effective local government services.

He is deeply committed to building an economy that works for all citizens; providing better education and employment opportunities for young people; and stronger health and social care services for those who are vulnerable in our society. He brings a fresh energetic perspective to tackle the immense challenges facing Britain today; he has a collaborative approach and has a strong belief in working with people to find the best solutions. He will ensure the Conservative Brexit government is held to account to the people of West Sussex.

Oli said:

“I look forward to fighting a campaign based on the values of tolerance, democracy and mutual respect that are at the heart of our shared heritage. Many people are beginning to see that the push towards ‘hard Brexit’ is damaging for Britain and undermines our proud history. In an increasingly hostile world, there is a real need to work together with our allies to find collective solutions to conflict, climate change and economic regeneration.

The Conservatives seem to be intent to use the Brexit negotiations as a blank cheque to wipe away our hard won social and environmental rights; only the Liberal Democrats have been rock solid in our support for fundamental rights. I will ensure proper scrutiny of the Conservative plan and will fight to protect our shared values.”