Adur, West & East Worthing Party including East Arun

Other countries are literally dying for democracy while we can’t be bothered. What is wrong?

It is sad that somehow politicians are failing to communicate the importance of voting. In Northbrook Ward nearly 80% of the Electoral Roll did not take advantage of their opportunity to vote in the last election.

It is not that long ago that people where dying in this country to get the votes for women. Why has it become less important now? On the doorsteps I heard people saying: “It doesn’t change anything”. Well I suppose in this town it is difficult for anyone to take power from the Conservatives but it can make a big difference if you have an active local councillor as Cllr. Diane Jones has proved to a number of residents.  We can also occasionaly influence decisions made by the ruling group through persuasion in the Town Hall. Another comment is: “All politicians are on the take/liars”. There doesn’t seem to be any proof offered to back this up and in my experience it is not the case. In fact most local politicians in Worthing have to work very hard in their own time, often managing a job and a family as well as their Council responsibilities. This does require a lot of dedication and passion and I am not sure of the going rate yet but I think that I will be getting about £300 after tax a month for all this. Hardly a massive amount. In fact a lot of councillors do not claim the expenses that they are due.

Anyway we all pay council tax. If a stranger who had never met asked you to give them the equivalent of your council tax bill, so that they could spend it on your behalf, wouldn’t you want to know a bit more about them before entrusting them with your money? Well you have the chance to choose that person on election day and any politician worth voting for would be very happy to answer your questions about how the money would be used.

I am really finding it difficult to think of ways to get this across. Any ideas?

Keith Sunderland