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PETITION: Proportional Representation

A key commitment of the Liberal Democrats for decades has been to reform the voting system.

There is currently a petition on the UK Parliament website calling for the government to debate Proportional Representation for UK General Elections. The vast majority wants PR. Our First Pass The Post voting system makes Parliament unrepresentative. One party got 37% of the vote and 51% of seats, while 3 parties got 24% of the vote but share 1.5% of seats. FPTP violates the democratic principle of majority rule and causes problems like costly policy reversals.

The UK has never had a say on PR. As David Cameron himself said, the AV Referendum was on a system that is often less proportional than FPTP, so the rejection of AV could not possibly be a rejection of PR. In fact, so few voters wanted either system on offer that the turnout was just 42%. There are tried and tested PR systems that keep the constituency link. They would make every vote matter equally, rather than allowing a minority of swing voters in a few marginal seats to pick the government.

Make every vote matter by signing the petition here.