Adur, West & East Worthing Party including East Arun

‘Smart Worthing’ – Our Vision

Whilst we’re enormously proud of our town and its history, we need to look to Worthing’s future and prepare a town fit for purpose in an increasingly digital-led world. Adur & Worthing Liberal Democrats are proud to announce our vision of a ‘Smart Worthing’ – embracing technology innovation—making Worthing the most efficient, seamless, safe and forward-thinking destination for residents and visitors. 

If we, and our children, and their children, are to live well and prosperously, we have to get this right. We will need to manage transport, water, energy and waste, better than we do now. All this against a background of population growth, shifting demographics, a changing climate, and resource crunches.Technology will not be the answer to everything, but it must be part of the answer.

We propose an exciting number of technological improvements which will deliver better out-of-home connectivity for shoppers and visitors whilst giving small businesses super-fast access to potential clients across the world. As our vision for ‘Smart Worthing’ continues to take shape, we’re excited to announce our most up to date ideas:Install a “smart Wi-Fi pavement” in Montague Place, providing thousands of residents, businesses and visitors with free superfast public Wi-Fi from under their feet. virgin-media-wi-fi_3473451b
The town of Chesham, Buckinghamshire are the first town in the country to have one of these installed and allows local people the ability to download an episode of Coronation StreetStrictly Come Dancing or Gogglebox at the bus stop with a download speed of less than 35 seconds, assuming a file size of 634Mb. The network is provided by Wi-Fi access points concealed under manhole covers in the pavement, as well as other “street furniture” such as lamp posts. The manhole covers are made from a specially developed resin that allows radio signals to pass through it.

 Adur & Worthing Liberal Democrats also propose a digital communication project to reduce social    isolation among the elderly. When new, low energy social housing is built, wireless    connectivity should be installed as a norm to monitor the health of occupants and the condition of the    building, giving better protection to vulnerable people at lower cost. Phase two will see the installment  of broadband in existing social housing which has been shown to improve educational attainment,  self esteem and better mental health We want to set up research projects to see how ‘big data’ can solve  problems such as air pollution and traffic congestion- something that could shape the future of the A27  regeneration.
We are championing a collaborative approach to this transformation, recognising contributions from public and private sector partners in accomplishing the goal of a town for the future. We need to have a relentless focus on inclusion of young people, old people, BME, and those with accessibility challenges to support a future ‘Smart Worthing’ that embraces all its residents can’t be underestimated. Without it we exclude, have narrow focus and ultimately become irrelevant. As more work is done on this subject we will publish our proposals and ideas.
Adur & Worthing Liberal Democrats are the only local party with such a progressive vision for Worthing and the only ones who can be trusted to make it happen.