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Stagecoach Bus Service Changes – Chichester & Worthing Areas

Changes to Stagecoach bus services in the Chichester, Bognor Regis, Midhurst & Worthing areas that will take effect from 1st January 2012, following Tory cuts in funding from the County Council for evening and Sunday buses.

Stagecoach ‘Pulse’ Lancing – Durrington
All evening services withdrawn between Lancing and Worthing after approximately 2045. On Monday to Wednesday evening services withdrawn between Worthing & Durrington after approximately 2045, on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays an hourly late evening service will continue to operate on this section.
Sunday services continue but following weekday daytime routing.

Stagecoach 1 Worthing – Midhurst (Sundays)
Sunday service reduced to two hourly between Worthing & Pulborough 0900-1800 approx. Pulborough to Midhurst section withdrawn. Diversion via Worthing Station withdrawn throughout the week.

Service 5 Worthing – Durrington
Hourly Sunday services introduced 0905-1705 from Worthing, 0929 to 1729 from Durrington. Additional Monday to Saturday evening journeys from Worthing at 1905 & 2005. Whole service rerouted in Durrington to run direct from The Lamb via Adur Avenue to terminate at Tesco.

Stagecoach 6 Worthing – High Salvington
This service will have a revised timetable with buses running about every 75 minutes.

Stagecoach 6A Worthing – Durrington
This evening and Sunday service is withdrawn, partly replaced by new journeys on service 5 – see above.

Stagecoach 7 Worthing – Lancing
Monday to Saturday evening services withdrawn after approximately 1900, all Sunday buses withdrawn. Revised route with alternate journeys numbered 7 or 7A serving differing areas of Lancing & Sompting.

Stagecoach 9 Littlehampton – Shoreham
Rerouted in Worthing to serve Maybridge The Avenue and Worthing Library, revised timetable.

Stagecoach 10 Worthing – Goring
Extended from Goring to and from Durrington Tesco, no longer serving Maybridge The Avenue (see service 9 above).

Stagecoach 17 Horsham – Brighton
One early morning journey on Saturdays withdrawn between Cowfold & Henfield.Remainder of services continue unchanged.

Stagecoach 48 Chichester – Fishbourne Tesco
Saturday service withdrawn, revised Monday to Friday timetable.

Stagecoach 51 Chichester – Selsey
Sunday services continue unaltered, Mondays to Thursdays withdrawn after 2030 approx, Fridays & Saturdays services run up to 2300 journey from Chichester.

Stagecoach 52/53 Chichester – Witterings
Sunday services continue unaltered bur will be reviewed after winter operation. Mondays to Thursdays withdrawn after 2045 approx, Fridays & Saturdays services run up to the 2212 journey from Chichester. Journeys at school times extended to and from Bishop Luffa School.

Stagecoach 55 Chichester – Tangmere
Monday to Saturday evening services after 2045 and all Sunday buses withdrawn. Sunday service partly replaced by new Compass Travel service 55A, see below.

Compass Travel 55A Tangmere – Old Bosham
New Sunday bus service partly replacing Stagecoach 55 above, running every 90 minutes between Tangmere and Fishbourne Tesco via Chichester City Centre with three return journeys extended to Old Bosham.

Stagecoach 60 Elmer/Bognor Regis – Chichester – Midhurst
Sunday services continue unaltered, Monday to Saturday evening buses withdrawn after approximately 2030.

Service 70 Midhurst – Haslmere – Guildford
Revised peak hour  and school journeys between Haslemere and Midhurst, daytime service unchanged.

Stagecoach 91 Midhurst – Petersfield (Sundays)
Withdrawn on Sundays.

Stagecoach 426 Harting – Milland – Fernhurst – Midhurst Rother College
Revised to operate between Milland Canhouse Lane and Midhurst only.


  1. Posted 30 Nov, 2011 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    What about people who work a 2pm-10pm shift Monday – Friday and don’t drive. Are you going to make us all unemployed., not everyone can afford £100 taxi fares a week

  2. Posted 5 Dec, 2011 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

    At present there are 15 buses going towards Chichester before 10.00 and then every 15 minutes until 17.40 and then 8 more buses until 23.35. Going south, 14 buses until 11.05 when they are every 15 minutes until 17.35 after which there are 6 more buses. The first free bus to the over sixties goes at 9.35 from Selsey and is packed. After this, the numbers drop considerably.

    The proposal to cancel Sunday buses and evening buses will have a very negative impact on the bus users, it is very expensive to use taxis and many older people do not feel safe driving at night. It would be safer for everyone concerned if they do not do so.

    There are a few points I should like to make:
    1. The buses during the day rarely have a full complement of passengers and of those, many have travel concessions.
    2. Non drivers who attend church will not be able to, usually older people.
    3. Some of the people who have bus passes may well have more money than younger people who are working in low paid jobs.
    4. I think most passengers would rather have fewer buses but keep the evening and Sunday services.

    Some suggestions:

    1. During the daytime period, half hourly buses would be sufficient.
    2. Possibly use smaller buses during the above period.
    3. Have buses on a Sunday which will reach their final destination by 9.30 am and then reduce them to 2 hourly, the last bus being 10.00 or 10.30 pm
    4. Charge every passenger the same regardless of their age, say £1 for every trip. Does anyone look at the statistics produced by the bus tickets? And, if so, has anyone worked out what the needs of the passengers are? It would be interesting for the public to see their findings, perhaps they could be printed in the local paper, we might then understand why these cuts are being proposed.

    I had the impression that the introduction of free bus passes to the over sixties was a practical way of reducing the traffic, it also provides the elderly drivers with transport when they feel the time had come to stop driving. I think lack of buses will encourage unsafe drivers to keep driving rather than be housebound.

  3. Posted 31 Dec, 2011 at 3:02 pm | Permalink

    Could you explain to me what the hell point there is in running a bus service when there are no buses to catch ?? !!!
    Please remind me – this is the UK isn’t it, not some third world country. Should we not be at the point where public transport is available 24-7 and NOT stepping back in time to a period when there was no public transport available??
    Maybe we should go back to the horse and cart !!