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Travellers in Northbrook

Keith Sunderland

Travellers arrived yesterday in the park by the Northbrook Project. This was reported in the social media and action is being taken. Here is an extract from and email from Paul Yallop (leader of the council) to local councillors Keith Sunderland and Diane Jones:

We notified the Police and Peter Latham. Inspector Whitehouse attended to assess the situation. He decided that the criteria for Section 61 were not met (where they are met Police can move travellers on immediately). However, as the travellers are driving over footpaths to gain entry he told them to vacate within 24 hours or his officers would issue fixed penalties to anyone witnessed driving on the footpaths. We will have to see what happens next but I will be asking legal to commence the eviction process today. These travellers had relocated from the Gallops which have now been vacated.


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  1. Posted 5 Jul, 2012 at 10:02 am | Permalink

    Police have now advised us that they should be out in about 5 days. The good news is that the field can then be protected for 6 years. In other words if they come back they can be immediately moved on without the procedures that we are obliged to go through at the moment.

    They come to different areas in order to get business ie cutting back trees, doing guttering etc. If people don’t buy from them they will not be encouraged to return.