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‘Windows telephone scam’ from West Downs Neighbourhood Watch

Welcome to West Downs Neighbourhood Watch

Just wanted to let you know about my telephone call this morning with a company claiming to be ‘Windows’.

The telephonist knew my name and address and claimed he knew my computer I.D. number. I told him I did not believe that

he was from windows and asked to speak to his advisor. He told me I have downloaded junk mail which was causing my

computer to run slower. Not falling for it, I said I did not wish to discuss information with him and hung up.

Just to check if my instinct was correct I tried dialing the number recall on my phone. Unfortunately I received the emergency services,

of which I hope when you next meet them you can appologise on my behalf. The number left on my phone was 9999100244.

Ofcourse, if it hadn’t been so early, and if I had had my wits about me, I would have thought better about ringing a number with

four nines at the beginning!________________________________________________________-

Details to passed Action Fraud – the Government’s Nation Fraud Call Centre.  This attempted fraud is well known nationally – it is known as  ‘the Windows scam’

 If you are called again, please call them on: 

0300 123 2040 

As they will then regard you as a ‘repeat victim’ (one that is being specially targeted – which is a crime and a report to the police will need to be made