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Worthing Liberal Democrats Weekly Newsletter – 22nd to 28th January 2012

Articles for the past week:

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News this past week:
1. Smoking Ban In Outdoor Play Areas Gets Support
2. 20’s Plenty Consultation Gets Go Ahead
3. Study To Reduce Worthing Rail Crossings’ Delays
4. West Sussex £300,000 Allocation To Worthing Not Enough
5. Local Causes Receive £13,000 Worthing Community Initiative Funding

Lib Dems will keep Worthing’s services local
Lib Dems will get on with bringing our town into the 21st century – no more dither and delay

Lib Dems will ensure ‘We are all in it together’ – no more waste and high pay

Lib Dems are the only opposition in Worthing – Labour can’t win here

Lib Dems support 20 mph in Worthing’s residential roads

Leader:  Happy to assist

Being in opposition in Worthing is really frustrating as we are stymied in our efforts to bring about the wishes of Worthing’s residents when we have a Tory administration “who just says No”.  Luckily we are better placed on West Sussex County Council where we are given much more freedom to advance the wishes of residents. Where we have County Councillors in Broadwater, East Worthing, Northbrook and Tarring we have a major say in what happens in our “patch” and can make funding applications on our residents’ behalf.

We had great examples this week when Community Initative Funding (CIF) was awarded by the Worthing County Local Committee (CLC)  to well deserving groups supported by their local Lib Dem County Councillors:

(a) Mick’s Garage – awarded £2,000 to assist with mini-bus hire in the Broadwater “lower super output area” where child poverty is 39.7% as stated in last October’s report by the Director of Public Health and Wellbeing for West Sussex. Mick and Chriss Smith are well known local heroes – happy to assist.

(b) Worthing Islamic & Social Welfare Society – awarded £1,000 towards the Worthing Mosque Open Day.  This was a very successful event last year in creating a greater understanding between the mosque and the surrounding community but lacked funding for this year – happy to assist.

(c) EXACT – awarded £1,000 for start-up funding for a new charity supporting recovering drug and alcohol addicts in Adur and Worthing.  The charity is also run by recovering addicts who have a desire to “give back” and are contributing positively to their local community – happy to assist.

(d) Worthing Youth Council – awarded £500 to cover a funding shortfall for the upcoming Worthing Youth election.  Similar to the funding awarded last year to enable Worthing’s Mayor Swimarathon to pay for the Aquarena charge made by Worthing Borough Council, this enables Worthing Youth Council elections to go ahead – happy to assist.

(e) 2nd Goring Scouts – awarded £416 to cover annual volunteer costs. The dedicated volunteers give up a large amount of their own time and annual leave to help run the Scout group. All are trained to a high standard to teach and educate the youngsters but have to pay an annual subscription – happy to assist.

(f) Selden Ward Neighbourhood Panel – awarded £250 to purchase cycle racks in Ham Road outside the Co-op store.  Visitors had been leaving cycles across the pavement outside the shop and it is hoped racks will assist in preventing theft of cycles – happy to assist.

(g) 8th Worthing Sea Scouts – awarded  £3,000 towards the galley refurbishment in their headquarters in Glebe Rad, Tarring. The galley is currently in a very poor and unhygenic state and the money will go towards a modern, clean and hygienic kitchen – happy to assist.

There was one more award this week given by the Worthing CLC and that was to an area with an Independent County Councillor who had given his support:

Worthing Active Older People’s Partnership – awarded £5,000 towards start-up costs for a regular borough-wide information and support letter.  The application received the voting support of Lib Dem County Councillors as indeed have applications supported by Conservative members for their patches in the past – happy to assist.

And there is other funding available from West Sussex which if to be approved needs the support of the local member of whatever political colour – we are actively working in our areas to use this funding to further meet the wishes of Worthing’s residents.  More of that in later editions.

Wherever we possibly can we are happy to assist.                              .

Worthing Liberal Democrats 



Monday 23rd January – Bob Smytherman’s motion to ban smoking in outdoor play areas was considered tonight by Adur & Worthing Joint Overview & Scrutiny Committee after deferral at the last Worthing Council meeting.  The officer’s report to the committee stated that “it is understood the Wellbeing Team are currently progressing work to introduce smoke free play areas within the borough. Other West Sussex authorities are also in the process of introducing smoke free areas and this work is co-ordinated by the West Sussex Tobacco Control Alliance.”  This would indicate the Worthing Cabinet will recommend support for Bob’s motion at the next full council on February 21st as parts of the motion already appear to have been met.  The motion calls for Worthing Borough Council to: state support for the principle of voluntary smoking ban in childrens’ play areas; encourage preparatory work to engage local support for a ban; request the Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing to instruct Worthing Borough officers to work with West Sussex; and instruct officers to prepare a report for the Cabinet Member.

Bob, Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “I am delighted that Worthing officers have already started on work to bring in this important measure to safeguard the health of Worthing’s children.  Although we still await official confirmation I can’t resist saying that ‘this must be a first for the Conservatives to support a motion proposed by me’.”


Wednesday 25th January – 20 mph zones in Worthing residential roads were moved one step closer tonight when the Worthing County Local Committee approved the provision of a 20’s Plenty Scheme for Worthing, subject to the outcome of public consultation.  The scheme was approved as part of the Worthing Infrastructure Plan for 2012-13 where the scheme was given top priority. This step closer follows supportive motions being passed last year by both Worthing Borough Council and West Sussex County Council.  The public consultation is to ensure that the scheme will only be intoduced if the majority of Worthing residents are in favour.

Alan Rice, Lib Dem West Sussex County Councillor for Broadwater, said: “It is long been the wish of my residents to bring in 20 mph speed limits in Broadwater’s residential streets and I am delighted we have come this one step further. Now let’s get on with the consultation as quickly as possible.  Residents have waited long enough.”

Wednesdayay 17th January –  The Local Development Scheme (LDS) report confirms Worthing Borough Council will operate the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment)


Wednesday 25th January – As part of the Worthing Infrastructure Plan for 2012-13 an option appraisal study was approved to investigate measures at reducing congestion at Worthing’s rail level crossings. Worthing residents have long complained at the delays caused at Worthing’s two rail crossings – South Farm Road and at West Worthing Station. At last some work is being put in by West Sussex Highways together with Network Rail to see how the delays can be alleviated. Also in the 2012-13 plan are two more option appraisal studies: provision of a new vehicular access from Broadwater Bridge into the Ivy Arch Trading Estate and heavy goods vehicle movements highlighting potential proposals to introduce restrictions in the Dale Road/Meadow Road area.

Bob Smytherman, Lib Dem Chair of Worthing County Local Commitee, said: “The delays at Worthing’s rail crossings have been the bane of Worthing’s motorists, and indeed pedestrians, for more years than I care to mention.  At last we have got some movement on seeking measures to reduce these delays – the sooner the better.”


Wednesday 25th January –  Paul Yallop, Tory Leader of Worthing Borough Council, stated at tonight’s County Local Committee that the £300,000 received from West Sussex for pavement renewal in Montague and Warwick Streets was not enough to enable the work to go ahead. The cost of the pavement work we understand is in excess of £1 million and Worthing Borough Council has not included the work in its 2012-13 capital programme. Worthing received the £300,000 from West Sussex as its share of the £15 million allocated for economic development and job creation throughout West Sussex – we understand £300,000 is all that Worthing Borough Council asked for. Pedestrian and street scene improvements for Montague Street (west) at the junction with Crescent Road and for Warwick Street, The Steyne and Steyne Gardens (including pedestrian phasing on existing pedestrian crossing facilities) were approved as part of the 2012-13 West Sussex Highways Infrastructure Plan at the meeting tonight.


Wednesday 25th January –  Worthing local causes received a total of £13,166 Community Initiative Funding at tonight’s Worthing County Local Committee which approved the final allocation for 2011-12.  The amounts ranged from £250 for cycle racks outside the Co-op in Ham Road to £5,000 towards start-up costs for a regular borough-wide older people’s information and support letter.  Eight local causes benefitted from the grants which were all unaminously approved by both Lib Dems and Conservatives and the Independent member on the the committee.


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