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Worthing Liberal Democrats Weekly Newsletter – 27th May to 2nd June 2012

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Leader:  Wake up call

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1. Worthing High Protest Against Becoming An Academy

2. Tory Leader Out Of Touch On Decoy Farm
3. Alan Rice Queries Need For Section 30 Order


      •     Lib Dems will keep Worthing’s services local
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      •     Lib Dems will ensure ‘We are all in it together’ – no more waste and high pay
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      •     Lib Dems support 20 mph in Worthing’s residential roads
        Leader:  Wake up call
Mr Arthur Stubbs, a Broadwater resident whose family goes back generations in Worthing, wrote to the Herald in April expressing his concerns over the ability of Worthing to attract visitors. The letter was not published but Mr Stubbs has kindly agreed to let us publish the letter here which we do without further comment as it speaks volumes for itself:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Beaumont Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             BN14 8HG
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    19th April 2012
This is a wake up call for the people of Worthing to express their opinions for the future development of their town at the local elections on the 3rd May.  As a resident of Worthing for most of my life, I am concerned about the town’s future ability to attract visitors to the area.
I have lost confidence in the local Council and our local MPs, who have failed to listen to local opinions and concerns – with anyone appearing to raise questions being labelled a “political activist”.  My concern is for the future of Worthing and its citizens whichever party is in control of the Council.
In September 2009, I attended a presentation at the Ardington Hotel with local businessmen, several councillors and MPs, where a syndicate of professional businessmen proposed a plan to build a swimming pool complex.  This incorporated an ice rink (which could double as a concert hall) plus the other usual facilities, on the site of the existing pool.
At the presentation, the Council was requested to provide information on the terms and conditions for a long term LEASE of the land, before the financial backers declared their interest and financial plans.  This information was not forthcoming.
Later one of the Tory Councillors wrote that the syndicate did not have the money and inferred that it was a tactic by the Liberals to delay the production of the new pool promised by the local Conservatice Councillors.
The projected cost of the syndicate’s scheme to the people of Worthing was minimal.  The latest inferior Council version, as reported on 27th October 2011, would cost the town £19.7 million.  This is expected to rise further for the additional work re disabled access etc.  Comparable swimming pools have been constructed for £10 – £11 million at other towns with similar populations.
Then we have the theatres costing £1.4 million a year under Council control, accordng to the Leader of the Council, including a ticket booking computer system which is not fit for purpose.
Then we have the Teville Gate saga, which keeps running on and on.
Enough said, but the people of Worthing do deserve better management of their assets.
Worthing Liberal Democrats 



Tuesday 29th May – Parents, pupils and teachers tonight mounted a protest outside Worthing High while the school governors met to decide whether the school should become an academy. Local Lib Dem County Councillors Bob Smytherman and Alan Rice joined the protestors to listen to their fears and concerns. Worthing High positioned on South Farm Road is right on the boundary of the two county councillors’ divisions or “patches” – actually in Bob’s and just across the road from Alan’s. Worthing Liberal Democrats have serious concerns themselves over the West Sussex Tory policy that all schools should become academies and any undue haste to push that policy through. The financial consequences could be dire with the schools later returning to the local authority or central government if the money runs out.  Schools not taking up academy status early could also be disadvantaged as the pool of money available to West Sussex shrinks each time a new academy is opened. There were no local Tory councillors nor the local Tory MP Tim Loughton on hand to listen to their residents.  Mr Loughton accused the Lib Dems on Twitter of not being on board with coalition policy including not supporting localism. The governors voted for an academy but the protesters vowed to fight on.
Alan Rice said: “To me localism means listening to local parents, local pupils and local teachers – not ignoring them.  Whether you agree with academies or not it is only right you listen to the concerns of local residents.  I have listened to those concerns and would advise all heads to proceed with caution.”
Wednesday 30th May – Lib Dem Broadwater County Councillor Alan Rice and Lib Dem Broadwater Borough Councillor Victoria Taylor had a briefing today from West Sussex on how the the County’s waste will be managed in future.  Afterwards Alan asked the Leader of the Council Paul Yallop for his views but Mr Yallop was blissfully unware of what is proposed although we understand Worthing Borough Council officers have been working on this for some time.  Alan offered to “fill in” Mr Yallop but instead the Leader has arranged a briefing with Worthing Borough officers for next week. One of the seven sites identified suitable for new waste facilities is Decoy Farm in Broadwater – presently owned by Worthing Borough Council.  It is almost certain Decoy Farm will be chosen as one of the new sites with either a waste transfer or waste to energy plant.  A waste transfer plant takes in the raw waste and converts it into blocks to be taken way for disposal elsewhere with the consequent two-way traffic in heavy vehicles and no advantage to local residents.  A waste to energy plant ensures the complete disposal of the waste and the production of electricity which could be made available at discounted rates to local residents.
Alan Rice said: “Once again Paul Yallop appears ‘out of touch’ with what is happening under his very nose and how his residents will be affected.  I am more than happy to bring him up to speed and even more so to keep Worthing’s residents informed and fight on their behalf.”
 parents, local pupils and local teachers – not ignoring them.  Whether you agree with academies or not it is only right you listen tAlano
Saturday 2nd June – Worthing Police and Worthing Borough Council have announced they have put in place powers to give them authority for a dispersal order – known as a Section 30 order. The Section 30 order will cover the town centre including the seafront, Victoria Park and Homefield Park.  Police officers will be allowed to disperse groups of more than two people should the officers feel the groups are a threat or intimidating to local residents.  Both the Argus.and the Herald have interpreted the move to enable police to act against “yobs” – inferring young people out binge drinking. Worthing Lib Dem Group Leader reacting to concerns of local residents, and indeed to his own concerns, queried local Police Commander Ian Pollard as to the need and reasons behind the move.  Worthing already is an alcohol exclusion zone, does not appear in the highest 100 constituencies for anti-social behaviour and according to a Joseph Rowntree Foundation study on these orders the problem may well only move to elsewhere in the town. The police have issued a further statement today explaining this order is not applicable to under 18 year olds and is directed at older street drinkers but Alan although somewhat reassured will still be watching.
The police statement says: “We are aware of some very negative online responses to this decision and have already spoken to some concerned residents to clarify what it means. The powers of dispersal ONLY extend to those over 18 years of age – dealing with younger people would require a Section 30 (6) which has NOT been authorised in this case and there are no plans for us to do so). Our approach to street drinkers is two-fold. We will uphold the law to prevent them causing alarm or distress to residents, visitors and businesses but we also offer them support and help them gain access to alcohol and drug treatment services.  A punitive approach on its own only has very limited success.”
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