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Worthing This Week

This week I chaired an EU presentation on staying IN Europe. Our Speakers, Baroness Kate Parminter, Deputy Liberal Democrat Leader in the House of Lords, who specialises in the Environment and Antony Hook former MEP candidate and barrister spoke to Members about the negative impact of leaving and the positive effect of staying In. Kate’s question was ” Is the Tory government better on the Environment than the EU community?” If you consider the actions of the current government, are they investing in green energy or the Green Investment Bank or have they unpicked the environmentally friendly actions and policies initiated by the Lib Dems in parliament? Have they put actions in place to improve our air pollution which causes Asthma and other respiratory conditions? A highlight from Antony’s speech was the fact that the Hillsborough Disaster Review,and justice for the victims and their families would not have happened but for the EU and High Court of Justice. We talk about our precious human rights and even take them for granted but “Hillsborough” is a living example of when we need a higher power to support us.