Adur, West & East Worthing Party including East Arun

  • Our campaign for a better Worthing

    • Support for low cost and rental homes
    • More childcare and flexibility in provision
    • More help with living costs for vulnerable people
    • The promotion of cheaper energy schemes such as Ichooser and renewables
    • Support remaining in Europe so that it can be improved

County Manifesto 2017

CONSERVATIVES ARE TAKING WEST SUSSEX FOR GRANTED The Conservatives have run West Sussex for years, but more and more people are now questioning whether they really put local people first. You don’t have to look very far to see just how the Tories are getting more and more out of touch with local people. Whether […]

Budget Speech 2017

Mr Mayor, Colleagues, Members of the Public, As we have heard – the Council, underpinned by the work of the officers, – has much to be congratulated upon- keeping up with the digital world and hopefully leading the way to engage and promote independence for the majority. The new, innovative approach of using specific platforms and partnership working and the […]

So we hadn’t lost sovereignity

The paper released today shows up the lie from the leave side. It appears that we had not lost sovereignty but it just felt like it! 2.1 The sovereignty of Parliament is a fundamental principle of the UK constitution. Whilst Parliament has remained sovereign throughout our membership of the EU, it has not always felt […]

Thoughts on Liberalism

John Stuart Mill would be spinning in his grave. British liberalism — of which he was the intellectual godfather — has been extolled around the world for generations as the font of fair play, political stability and individual rights. Yet now, all of a sudden, liberalism is blamed for the rise of Donald Trump, Marine […]

Do you know someone who needs extra help in a Power Cut?

Do you or someone you know need extra help if there’s a power cut? If so can you use the following link to enter them on the Priority Support Register or phone  0800 169 9970 Join the Priority Services Register today

Tremendous By-Election Win

The by-election in Richmond, resulting in a massive 23000 majority being overturned by the LibDems, has made the whole country sit up. Both Sarah Olney and Zac Goldsmith where against the Heathrow expansion but he had voted for Brexit in the referendum. The LibDems fought for the right of the people to make their views […]

Annual General Meeting Report

On Monday 21st November, members from across Adur and Worthing came together for the local party annual general meeting. This has been the first opportunity for members to discuss pressing local issues including the future of the A27, the controversial Manor Sports ground fencing decision and the terrible state of Brooklands park lake. It was […]

Tories ‘rubber stamp’ Controversial Fencing

Tory Councillors have gone ahead with their controversial plans to fence off Broadwater Manor Ground despite hearing evidence from local residents groups that the consultation was flawed. In response, Deputy Lib Dem Leader Bob Smytherman told the committee that this would be the “thin end of the wedge” as further applications to fence off public land […]

Support Reform Renting

Adur & Worthing Liberal Democrats are proud to be the only local party standing up for the growing number of residents who currently rent. We’ve got the facts for you: The average letting fee in Adur & Worthing is £355, many people have to pay over £500! This is on top of high up-front costs like […]

Manor Sports Ground – Update!

You’ll remember late last month when we announced our opposition to the fencing-off of part of Manor Sports Ground for use by the new Bohunt Academy, and in a victory for Adur & Worthing Liberal Democrats the decision was called in to scrutiny. Councillors Hazel Thorpe and Bob Smytherman, supported by Councillor James Doyle (Green) requested a […]