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  • Our campaign for a better Worthing

    • Support for low cost and rental homes
    • More childcare and flexibility in provision
    • More help with living costs for vulnerable people
    • The promotion of cheaper energy schemes such as Ichooser and renewables
    • Support remaining in Europe so that it can be improved

Worthing This Week

This weekend I supported Friends of Tarring Park by joining the litter picking patrol with several local residents. Fortunately we couldn’t pick up vast amounts of litter as it was reasonably clear this week. So not a big problem and no needles either – let’s hope it stays that way over the coming months.

Worthing This Week

The Mayor Making on Friday was an emotional affair, when our first Canadian Lib Dem Cllr Michael Donin stood down in favour of Conservative Cllr Shaun McDonald. Our heartfelt thanks are sent to Michael and his Mayoress Linda Williams for a splendid year,having supported countless individuals and groups over their year. They also raised over […]

Who cares?

I just had a call from a family who are due to be evicted in 8 days time. They are a working family and the wife is pregnant with their fourth child. It is simply because the landlord wants their flat back not because they have done anything wrong. What puzzles me is why I […]

There is a problem but this isn’t the solution

Dealing with the homeless is not easy but fining them for begging is not the answer. There is a concern that this will be used to harrass the homeless community so that they do not make shoppers feel bad. There are some problem people but there are alreday dispersal orders and the vagrancy act to […]

Latest daft idea. Fine people who have no money

The Latest idea from the Conservatives is to fine rough sleepers. £100 spot or £1000 in court if they can’t pay. You can just imagine the conversation: Police Officer: ” You have been found rough sleeping and are therefore liable to pay a fine of £100. If you fail to pay this then I have to […]

LibDems care apparently Tories don’t.

In the council meeting last night the difference between the LibDems and the Conservatives became clear. The LibDems pointed out that the people who were previously too poor to pay income tax were struggling to pay the £290 per year that they have now been charged again. The Conservatives seemed to think that they were […]

Tim Farron’s speech and vision

Speech by Tim Farron Follow the link to an inspiring speech:

Congratulations To Tim Farron

Two great candidates but Tim is well respected by the membership and a “fresh face” to the public. He will be a great person to lead us back.

Musings on immigration

Apparently there are a similar amount of Britons in Europe as the number of immigrants in this country. There also 10,000 Britons on the dole in Germany If we make it so difficult in this country for immigrants to stay they will leave. The European countries will respond in kind and we will get our […]

Hazel Thorpe supports Women in Prison’s campaign and calls for a new approach to criminal justice for women

Hazel Thorpe supports Women in Prison’s campaign and calls for a new approach to criminal justice for women. Hazel Thorpe, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Worthing West, has today pledged a commitment to support Women in Prison’s Manifesto which calls for a new approach to criminal justice, where the abuse, marginalisation and poverty at […]