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20’s Plenty for Worthing news update

Firstly thank you to those who turned up to last Wednesday’s County Local Committee (CLC) meeting. For those that were not able to be there, the key points are:
1. The CLC received a report on 20’s Plenty for Worthing from West Sussex County Council (WSCC) officers which “seeks CLC support to allocate…funds to progress the consultation” – this is great news – it means that WSCC are recommending that 20’s Plenty should progress to public consultation.
2. The report gave an estimated cost of £420,000 to implement the scheme. (While this sounds a lot of money, remember this is a one-off cost and if it achieved just a 3% reduction in casualties then using Department for Transport figures, it would have paid for itself in one year). It was also confirmed at the meeting that the required ‘Traffic Regulation Order’ (TRO) would be over and above Worthing’s normal allocation.
3. The CLC have sufficient funds to pay for 20’s Plenty (from Section 106 developer funds) however they decided to delay taking a decision on whether to go ahead until their next meeting (on 25th January at Durrington school) when they will decide whether 20’s Plenty should be prioritised in their “infrastructure plan”.
4 things you can do to help:
1. If you believe that 20’s Plenty should be a priority for Worthing then please email your County Councillor explaining why. You can find their email address here (2nd column from the left on the results page). Please “cc” on your email.
2. If you have children who go to a Worthing school, please ask the school if they would consider writing a letter of support for the campaign. I have emailed all the head teachers in Worthing but have only had one reply (from Worthing High School). Find out why 20’s Plenty is vital for Worthing’s children. You may also have noticed that 20’s Plenty for Worthing got coverage in the West Sussex Gazette, regarding injuries to Worthing’s children.
3. We still need volunteers to deliver leaflets – particularly in Goring, Findon, Durrington and Salvington. You can find a list of roads which have already been leafletted here – choose a road that isn’t on the list and contact me to obtain leaflets.
4. Pass this email on to friends and family in Worthing and encourage them to sign the petition, get FREE stickers, and watch the videos.
20’s Plenty for Worthing