Adur, West & East Worthing Party including East Arun

Adur and Worthing confirms the streets the Olympic Flame will be carried along

The Olympic Flame is coming to Worthing and Lancing on Monday 16 July 2012 before going onto Brighton and Hove for the evening celebration and overnight stop.

People will be able to line the streets of Worthing and Lancing to welcome and share the excitement of the Olympic Torch Relay coming through and celebrate the achievements of the inspirational Torchbearers carrying the Flame in their community.

The Torch will arrive in Worthing at 4.25pm at the top the A24 Broadwater Street West, travelling down Chapel Road, South Street, along Marine Parade into The Steyne and along the A259 Brighton Road. It will reach Lancing at 5.16pm and continue to travel along the Brighton Road up into South Street and to the top of Grinstead Lane.   (Note – Whilst travelling along these named streets it will be in ‘Torchbearing’ mode however once it is travelling outside of these route details it will be travelling in ‘Convoy’ mode which means the Torch cannot be seen by anyone.)

The streets along the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, which can be viewed in full at, gives street-by-street details and proposed start times for when the Olympic Flame will travel through Worthing and Lancing. Residents living in and around Worthing and Lancing can find out when it will be travelling along their nearest high street, through their town square or past their local village shop.

Publishing the route now gives everyone time to plan how they will celebrate the Flame coming through and also gives time for everyone to plan for the temporary impact this will have on their day to day business.

The Torchbearers confirmed to carry the Flame through Worthing and Lancing today include those that were successful through the public nomination processes run by LOCOG and the Presenting Partners, Coca Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung. LOCOG has endeavoured to slot all community Torchbearers within an hour of their nomination address so family and friends can cheer them on. Each Torchbearer will wear a white and gold uniform which been designed by adidas.

Paul Yallop, leader of Worthing council, says: “This will be a fantastic spectacle for everyone to see the actual Olympic Flame and witness the spectacle of the Olympic Torch Relay coming through Worthing.  This announcement today really brings the route to life and will encourage people to get involved by lining the streets. We will be keeping people informed with the latest information about the Torch through out the weeks leading up to Monday 16 July. But in the meantime we want to encourage everyone to start organising their own celebrations and ask if they could email  with the details so can compile a list of events for the area.”

Ann Bridges, Chairman of Lancing parish council, adds: “We are looking forward to welcoming the inspirational Torchbearers to our community. Some of their testimonials I have read are absolutely incredible and witnessing them running their bit of the route will be something that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. Children from our local schools in Lancing are already getting excited about seeing the Torch come through.”

Sebastian Coe, chair of LOCOG added: “Today we bring the Olympic Torch Relay to life. The Flame symbolises the Olympic spirit and its journey around the UK will bring the excitement of the Games to our streets. Now the people know the route the Olympic Flame will be carried along and the Torchbearers for their community, they can start planning how they might celebrate and make it Adur and Worthing’s moment to shine.”

An average of 115 Torchbearers a day will carry the Olympic Flame during its 8,000 mile journey around the UK before it arrives at the Olympic Stadium on 27 July 2012 for the lighting of the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony, signifying the official start of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

LOCOG has worked closely with representatives from a number of sectors in each Nation and Region of the UK to devise the route and is taking the Olympic Flame to within ten miles of over 95% of the population.

Schools across the UK can now access free learning resources linked to the Olympic Torch Relay through Get Set (, the official London 2012 education programme. The activities are designed to help schools and colleges make the most of the Relay by lining the route, and cheering on their local Torchbearers. Resources include ideas for making Flame hats and shakers to welcome the Flame, an assembly presentation to get the school behind a Torchbearer and a film showing one Get Set network school’s preparations for the Relay.

Sponsor information

As the longest standing Presenting Partner of the Olympic Torch Relay, Coca-Cola will be using its heritage and experience to spread excitement across the UK ahead of London 2012. Coca-Cola’s national nomination campaign – Future Flames – has focused on finding inspirational young people from across the country to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to carry the Olympic Flame. This summer Coca-Cola will celebrate these Future Flames: young people who use their passions in areas like sport and physical activity, music and dance, and community and the environment; to spread happiness in their local communities. Find out more at:

As the only National Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, Lloyds TSB will be taking the spirit and inspiration of the Olympic Flame right to the heart of communities across the UK.  As part of Lloyds Banking Group, Bank of Scotland will be the National Presenting Partner in Scotland.  Schools can be right at the heart of the celebrations through our Flame Followers programme, giving them access to free resources to get their pupils inspired and excited about the Olympic Torch Relay (schools can register at Customers can be the first to hear how they can follow the Olympic Flame, through our customer-exclusive programme Trackside. Find out more at

As a Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, Samsung aims to encourage everyone to be part of the London 2012 Torch Relay to make London 2012 ‘Everyone’s Olympic Games.’ We aspire to offer new and memorable experiences for everyone around the world. Samsung is providing 1,360 Torchbearers, who have “gone the extra mile” by contributing to the local communities, through its worldwide public nomination campaign. Samsung will support towns and cities to celebrate the exciting moment of the Torch Relay and help showcase Great Britain’s cultural landmarks to provide a more enjoyable experience to everyone. The evening celebrations that will be staged in 66 towns and cities throughout the Olympic Flame’s journey across the UK, will allow Samsung to entertain the community they are visiting. The Samsung caravan, complete with LED screen on the side showcasing runners and goodwill messages, will travel with Torchbearers around the UK cheering up everyone to celebrate the Torch Relay with music and interaction with local communities. It is Samsung’s ambition that London 2012 will be an event that reaches and involves more people than on any other Olympic Games occasion. To learn more about Samsung’s London 2012 Olympic programme, please visit

Torchbearer information:

Stephen Brooke’s nomination by his wife Liz:

‘My husband is a truly inspirational man. When I met him, he was on kidney dialysis and could not work full time, but was running pub quizzes and doing stand-up comedy routines between dialysis treatments. A few months after we married, he had a successful kidney transplant, undertook a ‘back to work’ course via the JobCentre and found a new career in library work. When I was pregnant with our only son, he was diagnosed with a rare form of melanoma (cancer) in his eye. After surgery and radiation therapy, he is in remission but has lost most of the sight in one eye, but none of his sense of humour. He is a great dad and a loving husband. He works full time, keeps fit, goes to the gym, plays guitar, and entertains his numerous friends with his wonderful sense of humour, playfulness and fun. He genuinely lives life to the full, not letting his many physical and mental health issues get him down for long. He is on a cocktail of drugs to maintain adequate physical health, yet still finds time to cook amazing meals for his family and get down on the floor to play at cars and trucks with his two-year-old son. I love him so much and I would love the world to know what an amazing person he is. He truly embraces life and would embrace this opportunity to carry the Olympic torch with gusto, inspiring many people not to waste the precious time they have in this world with their loved ones.’

Stephen lives in Lewes and works in Falmer, just outside of Brighton and is just one of 7.600 Torchbearers running a 300m stretch of the route. His mobile number – not to be given out please – is  07747 024523.

Torchbearer Thomas Kimber a primary school teacher from Brighton (West Dean Primary School), has also been chosen as a Torchbearer to run part of the Worthing route. Sadly due to work commitment he is unable to take part in this photocall but could do another day from w/beg: 26 March. His mobile number – not to be given out please – is 07545 313636. His nomination by a parent for being an amazing and inspirational teacher is:

‘Mr Kimber is an amazing and inspiring teacher at my daughter’s primary school. He is really dedicated to the kids and to giving them lots of extra sporting opportunities. He inspired my daughter to take part in lots of different sports that she had never tried before. He organised rounder’s tournaments, girls and boys football and put together a competition for the class during the 2010 World Cup. During the snow he got the class to build an igloo. It was fantastic and they had such fun. He has just spent a year in the Gambia teaching children there. Mr Kimber always encourages the kids to have a go and do their best. He made a big difference to my daughter’s experience of school. I think he gives so much and deserves to be recognised for his contributions, enthusiasm and hard work for others.’