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Do people drive too fast on your road? Please tell us….

Do people drive too fast on your road? 
Which roads would you consider to be rat-runs in Worthing?
Please email us and let us know.

We are compiling a list of roads in Worthing where residents have complained about speeding; rat-running; or people driving too fast for the conditions. The list is here, on a new page on the website. Please have a look and let us know (by emailing if you would like another road added and why. All this can be used as evidence of the support for 20’s Plenty, so is invaluable.

Meetings in a pub
Our meeting last week over a drink at the Beechwood Hall Hotel was very productive, and good to chat through issues and ideas with others. Let us know if you would like to attend another one. We will hold one in a month or so.

Support is growing
The campaign is now growing in momentum – we have letters of support from schools, preschools, organisations and individuals coming in and the current list of organisations which support 20’s Plenty for Worthing is here. Do have a look at the Supporters Page and let us know if you have a contact at any other organisation who might like to be added to this list. We’ve only just started compiling it but we’re adding to it daily.
Duncan & Kathryn Kay
20’s Plenty for Worthing