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Energy efficient West Sussex in top quarter of league table

West Sussex County Council has been ranked 322 out of 1,301 businesses and organisations in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficient Scheme.

The first performance league table for the scheme has been published this week by the Environment Agency. The table ranks participants in terms of their early action to manage their energy and is based on reports from each organisation.

Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources Michael Brown said: “I’m delighted with our performance in this first league table. It reflects the considerable importance we place upon managing our energy consumption and reducing our carbon dioxide emissions.

“In the past year we have updated our system for measuring and reporting emissions. We have also started a major project to roll out smart meters across all our buildings, and are working with the County’s schools and academies to support better energy management in their buildings.

“As a result of all this work, we were awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, and this has greatly helped our position in the league table. So far we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions from our buildings by ten percent, and we aim to do more over the coming year.”

Over 2010/11 the Council:

·          Achieved a 10.5 percent carbon dioxide saving (based on 2008/09 baseline figures).
·          This equates to a financial saving for the Council of £145,916 each year.
·          Undertook projects including draughtproofing, pipework lagging, boiler and heater controls, loft and cavity wall insulation, and energy efficient lighting upgrades. Further projects will take place.
·          Made energy efficient improvements to 83 percent of the County Council’s administrative buildings, 87 percent of Fire and Rescue Service buildings and ten percent of non-commercial buildings (e.g. community centres).

Future CRC league tables will be based on organisations efforts to improve their energy efficiency. The better an organisation performs in terms of cutting its emissions, the higher it will appear in the annual performance league table.

As well as reducing carbon emissions, the scheme will help organisations save money by reducing their energy bills.

To find about more about the CRC scheme visit the website at