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EU energy efficiency deal a welcome breakthrough – Hall

The European Parliament and EU Member States last night reached a tentative deal on the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive, after months of tough negotiations.

The proposed Directive intends to step up efforts to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain; from the source all the way to final consumption. This includes a target of a 20 percent cut of energy use through savings against predicted levels by the end of the decade.

Commenting, Leader of the Liberal Democrat MEPs and Liberal Democrat Energy Spokesperson in the European Parliament, Fiona Hall said:

“Ed Davey’s last minute intervention to secure a deal on the Energy Efficiency Directive shows that the UK is committed to being a positive partner in Europe.

“This deal is an important breakthrough in the fight to reduce energy consumption. It will cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce our dependence on energy imports, help to bring down energy bills for businesses and households alike and stimulate the creation of thousands of new green jobs.”

Commenting further, Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey said:

“Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of the Coalition Government’s commitment to fighting climate change and reducing our dependency on energy imports that have increased household bills so dramatically.

“We worked very closely with our partners in Europe to achieve this deal which will give Member States the necessary flexibility to introduce their own national schemes such as the Coalition Government’s Green Deal.”

  1. Fiona Hall took part in the negotiations on behalf of the European Parliament
  1. The deal reached last night is still subject to approval by Member States in the European Council and the European Parliament.Member States are expected to approve the deal later today (June 14). The Parliament’s Industry and Energy Committee will vote on the deal in July before a final plenary vote in September.
  2. New research: engaging consumers in energy efficiency
  3. Using the benefits of energy efficiency to overcome the barriers

    Today Consumer Focus has published research into innovative ways to engage people in energy efficiency. Download the full report here.

    The research stemmed from feedback from a range of practitioners that interest in ‘free’ insulation was drying up.  We set out to identify projects that used comfort messages to market energy efficiency, but the answer is more complex than that.  Working with CauseAction, we found a range of projects that use a variety of techniques to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency outweigh the barriers.  Alternative approaches amongst our 15 case studies include messaging around comfort and health, tailoring messages to key consumer segments, and the use of exemplar homes to allow people to feel the difference.

    There is, of course, no easy answer but we want the shared lessons to help practitioners make the case to try new approaches, using our new energy efficiency delivery checklist to shape the project for their target audience.

    To help put these lessons into practice, and continue the sharing of knowledge, in September 2012 we are holding free workshops in York, London and Birmingham for energy efficiency practitioners.

    Find out more about the events and register here: