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Examining the ‘urban forest’ in West Sussex

The urban forest was under the spotlight at the South East Region Tree Wardens’ Forum, held in Horsham this month.

West Sussex County Council Leader Louise Goldsmith introduced the event and planted a tree outside County Hall North to mark the occasion.

The forum was organised by the County Council and the Tree Council. The County Council manages the West Sussex Tree Wardens’ Network, supported by the Tree Council.

Nearly 90 tree wardens from across the South East gathered at the forum to look at trees in towns, villages and cities, where the ‘forest’ is made of single trees and small clumps – the ‘urban forest’.

Louise said: “This year marks the 20th anniversary of the West Sussex Tree Wardens’ Network, so I’m delighted we were able to host the regional forum at County Hall North.

“Tree wardens play a vital role in helping our communities conserve and enhance our local trees and woods.

“We’re always on the lookout for more tree wardens to come forward. It’s a varied role and can include organising a tree trail, putting on an exhibition, planting trees and hedges or being the local point of contact for all tree issues.”

Pauline Buchanan Black, from the Tree Council, said: “Tree wardening is the embodiment of the Government’s Big Society plans to engage more people in becoming ‘community organisers’ and to offer them training.

“As tree wardens already fit the bill, they are a thriving example of what the Coalition Government wishes to see on a wider scale, particularly as the Tree Warden Scheme is stronger than ever before in urban areas – in communities which particularly need trees and the benefits they bring.”

To find out more about becoming a tree warden


Tree wardens are volunteers covering parishes and towns across West Sussex. They survey trees in their dedicated area, protect trees, help organise tree plantings and involve the community.

To find out more about becoming a tree warden, visit the County Council website at or contact 01243 642119.