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It’s the EXACT way to help Worthing people affected by drink and drug misuse

Worthing and Adur EXACT (WAE),

A COMMUNITY group run by people in Worthing and Adur who have been affected by drink and drug misuse is being launched in October.

Called Worthing and Adur EXACT (WAE), it is one of a network the West Sussex Drug and Alcohol Team has set up countywide.

EXACT groups enable people who are recovering from alcohol and drug misuse to influence and shape the planning of services in West Sussex to meet their needs.

As Brian Morgan, DAAT Project Manager, said: “The people using drug and alcohol services in West Sussex are the experts in the services they receive.

“They know what works well and what does not. They know what improvements need to be made.”
WAE’s first aim will be to create a Recovery Community, which will have a wide range of aims, including:

One: Giving people in recovery the opportunity to contribute to the community.

Brian said: “Most of the people in recovery in West Sussex have a desire to ‘give back’ and are contributing positively to their local community.

“WAE will provide an avenue for recovering people to get involved in meaningful ways.”

Two: Putting a face on recovery.

“The vast majority of people struggling with an alcohol or drug problem do not get treatment for their addiction. One of the major reasons for this is stigma. Stigma prevents people from seeking help.

“By speaking publicly about the reality of recovery, members of WAE will put a face on recovery,” said Brian.

Three: Bridging the gap.
Brian said: “Most treatment programmes deal only with the front end of the problem – usually a brief stay and you’re done. There’s rarely someone who is going to support you with all the other factors that help you put your life back in working order.

“This is where WAE will come in – it will help bridge the gap between treatment and rebuilding productive lives.”

Pete Bradbury, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Public Protection, said: “It is a recognised fact that recovery can be contagious. There is a sound body of evidence that shows people are most motivated to start on their individual recovery journey by seeing the progress made by their peers.

“Those already on the recovery journey are often best placed to help, which is where WAE will play a major role.”


NOTE TO EDITORS; You, or your representative, plus a photographer/camera crew are invited to the launch of Worthing and Adur EXACT on October 14, between 3pm-5pm at the Lecture Theatre, Worthing Library, Richmond Road, Worthing, BN11 1HD. This will be an opportunity to meet and talk with members of Worthing and Adur  EXACT and West Sussex Drug and Alcohol Action Team.