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Labour will waste your money locally just like they did nationally – Hughes

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, Simon Hughes has today launched a blistering attack on Labour’s waste of taxpayers’ money.

Liberal Democrat research published today shows that Labour are wasting millions of pounds on vanity projects, executive car services and corporate communications while slashing library services, closing dementia centres and ending support for the most vulnerable.

Simon Hughes is calling on voters to stop Labour turning more of our councils into nearly bankrupt authorities, just like they did to the country.

Commenting, Simon Hughes said:

“When Ed Miliband said he had a special responsibility to show us that every pound that is spent by Labour, is spent wisely, he clearly forgot to tell his councillors.

“Labour councils have failed their own leader’s test. Rather than spending money on essential services and supporting the most vulnerable, they want to waste money on executive cars, cabinets for silverware and oil paintings.

“Liberal Democrats in councils across the country are making the best calls for local people. That is why Liberal Democrat-controlled councils are freezing council tax this year, are most likely to offer pay rises for the lowest paid and are still managing to open libraries instead of closing them.

“A vote for Liberal Democrat candidates on Thursday is a vote to stop Labour wasting our money locally just like they did nationally.”

  1. Please find some examples of Labour’s profligacy here:
  1. All Liberal Democrat councils in England have frozen their Council Tax.
  1. According to the Local Government Chronicle, Liberal Democrat-run councils were more than twice as likely to give the lowest paid workers a pay rise compared to Labour, and five times more likely than Conservative-run councils.
  1. Last year, more than 40 libraries were closed by Conservative and Labour councils. In stark contrast, for the second year in a row, no Liberal Democrat-controlled council in England and Wales closed any library. Liberal Democrat-controlled Cardiff is opening five new libraries and Portsmouth and Bristol are also opening new libraries.