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Liberal Democrat councillors working to protect services – Clegg

Speaking at the launch of the Liberal Democrat campaign for local elections in England, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg said:

“Liberal Democrat councillors across the country are working to protect the services that people value most, while Liberal Democrats in the Coalition clear up the economic mess Labour left behind.

“Our priority is clear, in difficult times we must make sure we do all we can to help ordinary working people. That is why, unlike Labour or the Conservatives, every Liberal Democrat council in England has frozen council tax. That is why Liberal Democrat councils are more likely to earmark funds for the lowest paid than any other. And that is why this month Liberal Democrats in Government are delivering tax cuts for 25m working people.

“Liberal Democrats have a strong record in local government and are committed to fighting for communities across the UK.”

1. Today Liberal Democrats launched a series of regional manifestos for the local elections in England.

2. This month Liberal Democrat policies will deliver:
–       A tax cut for 25m working people – £130 in 2012
–       The number of workers lifted out of income tax reaches 1m
–       The largest ever increase in the state pension – £5.30 a week
–       £1.25bn invested in schools through the pupil premium – increasing to £2.5bn by 2014
–       A £1bn investment to get every young person earning or learning

3. Regional manifestos have been published on the Liberal Democrat website for all regions, except London where the Liberal Democrats for London campaign will be publishing its London manifesto soon:

4. According to Local Government Association research, Liberal Democrat run councils are the most likely to earmark funds for the lowest paid, and give low-paid workers a pay rise.

Source: Liberal Democrat group LGA. Money for pay rises for low-paid council workers: LD (27%), Lab (11%), Con (5%)