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Liberal Democrats reach out to Progress – Farron

Liberal Democrat Party President, Tim Farron has written to Lord Adonis, the chairman of Progress, inviting the group’s members to attend Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Brighton.

It follows moves by the GMB union and others to have the ‘Blairite’ campaigning group kicked out of the Labour Party.

Tim Farron’s letter is below.

Dear Andrew,

On behalf of the Liberal Democrats, I would like to invite Progress and its members to attend Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Brighton.

I have noted the moves from the GMB and others within the Labour Party to sideline Progress and force its members out of the party. This is a great shame. I do not mean to patronise you or your members by suggesting your response should be to join the Liberal Democrats. I know that you very much consider yourselves a part of the Labour movement. But you are modern, progressive reformers and you deserve to be a part of the political debate in this country. In the Liberal Democrats we pride ourselves not only on being a modern, progressive reforming party, but also as an open democratic one that never shies away from debate. We are also a party that is prepared to work with others for the good of the country.

Whether it is the economy, political reform, climate change, health, education or any of the other major issues facing us as a country, we will be debating them at our conference. You and your members are welcome to join us and I’m sure the debate will be all the richer for it

Yours sincerely,

Tim Farron

President of the Liberal Democrats