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New Year’s resolutions to Travelwise in 2012

RESIDENTS across West Sussex are being asked to change their travel habits in 2012 to cut congestion and improve their health.

West Sussex County Council’s Travelwise team is encouraging people to make New Year resolutions which help the environment, shed Christmas pounds, or save money whenever they travel.

The team has suggested a number of greener alternatives for journeys to and from work, school or leisure activities.

Why not make one of your resolutions to:

•          Walk or cycle to work or school, which has health benefits and can reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

•          Use public transport to get to work and for business travel which can help to avoid congestion and parking costs in town centres. Despite increases in rail fares, a daily commute is usually significantly cheaper by train than by car. An annual season ticket from Worthing to Chichester works out to be approximately 25 per cent cheaper than fuelling a car for the same journey.

•          Regularly share the daily car journey, which can cut travel costs by 50 per cent. Sharing a 15-mile drive to work will reduce your petrol bill by more than £500 a year. Register with the County Council’s free car sharing website to find someone to liftshare with.

•          Take part in environmental campaigns such as the Government’s ‘Act On CO2’ initiative and try to drive five miles less a week. For more information visit

Businesses can also do their bit to help encourage staff to get to work using more environmentally friendly methods of transport.  They can set up a ‘Cycle to Work’ salary sacrifice scheme that enables staff to save money and spread the cost of buying a new bike and equipment.

Pieter Montyn, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “Changing travel habits can not only save you money, it can cut your carbon footprint and lead to a healthier lifestyle.”

For more information, and tips on how to lead a Travelwise lifestyle