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Paddick shoots down Livingstone and Johnson’s policing plans

London Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick, a former senior Metropolitan police officer, has shot down Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson’s announcements on policing today.

Commenting on Ken Livingstone’s plans to put police officers in schools, Brian Paddick said:

“Ken Livingstone’s ideas aren’t new and they won’t work. London has had dedicated officers in schools for years – Safer Schools officers – and we have also had a Safe Haven scheme, which has regrettably failed.

“If you offer schools a police officer dedicated to knife crime, most schools won’t take one. It has proved almost impossible to get people in to school to talk about knife crime as head teachers see it as an admission they have a problem.

“We need every officer working on the issues that are most important to Londoners, where the police and Londoners stand together against the criminals. We need every Londoner honestly believing the police are on their side.

“That means having a Mayor who understands the police and knows what to do to bring about change.”

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s plans to boost neighbourhood policing, Brian Paddick said:

“Boris Johnson let police officer numbers in London fall by 1,700 and he is now only promising to put 1,000 back on the streets.

“Having put 1,000 officers into gang crime and now another 2,000 into neighbourhood policing, Johnson’s policy plan looks as credible as Livingstone’s fare reductions – unbelievable fantasy.

“The Met has been trying to recruit more Special Constables for years so to double the number is clearly unrealistic.

“Direct entry at a senior level to the Met has been tried before and was a dismal failure.

“It’s not all bad though, giving local people a direct say in community payback is what I have been advocating for months now.

“Londoners need to be consulted directly on their priorities, not leaving it to the vocal minority who would attend Safer Neighbourhood Boards.”