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Update on Academy Consultation issued at 8pm Thursday 30th March 2012

At a Governing Body meeting held this evening to discuss the responses to the Academy Proposal, Governors of Worthing High School, supported by the Worthing High Trust Board voted to move to converter Academy status.

They were very mindful of the concerns expressed by some parents, stakeholders and staff but felt that the vast majority of these will be alleviated as the school moves towards becoming an Academy just as concerns were addressed when the school converted to becoming a Trust school in 2008.  Governors were keen to reiterate that the school will be transitioning as a converter Academy and not a sponsored Academy as has been reported by some media channels. The Governors acknowledged that the school will benefit by having more financial flexibility in order to procure better services, for example, provision of an Educational Welfare Officer (which we are currently without) and other such similar support.

Alison Beer Headteacher and Tony Cohen Chairman of the Governing Body issued a joint statement: “As we move ahead with our application we will soon have a much clearer idea of our funding position, we will then be able to give details of our financial plans. There will be an annual financial report available to you so that you are able to feel fully informed regarding our financial position. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents and stakeholders who contributed to the consultation process and would like to reassure you that Governors would only ever consider a move of this nature if it benefited our students.”

​ Following a request from stakeholders the formal consultation period was extended by a further two weeks to allow everyone time to provide their comments and it finished on Monday 28th May.

Tony Cohen Chairman of Governors said “We have been very thorough and robust process, with current parents, as well as prospective parents and stakeholders. Parents were invited to a meeting at the school to hear about the proposal and share their thoughts with the Governing Body.  The Headteacher then notified all school parents of ‘drop-in’ clinics over the entire course of the 6 weeks in order to further hear views and answer questions regarding the Academy move and Governors held similar sessions with staff.”