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Vital cash boosts agreed by Worthing CLC

EIGHT worthy causes have received financial backing from the Worthing County Local Committee this month.

The latest Community Initiative Fund grants for groups and organisations in Worthing agreed were:

•          £5,000 to the Worthing Active Older People’s Newsletter for start-up costs.
•          £2,271.55 to 8th Worthing Sea Scouts towards a galley refurbishment project.
•          £2,000 to Mick’s Garage to assist with mini-bus hire for the community group.
•          £1,000 to Worthing Islamic & Social Welfare Society for the Worthing Mosque Open Day 2012.
•          £1,000 to EXACT to help start up a drug and alcohol rehabilitation project.
•          £500 to Worthing Youth Council to cover a funding shortfall for the upcoming Youth election.
•          £416 to 2nd Goring Scouts to cover annual volunteer subscription fees.
•          £250 to Selden Ward Neighbourhood Panel to purchase a cycle rack for a local shopping parade.

Committee Chairman Bob Smytherman said: “Once again our Community Initiative Fund has provided vital support for groups in Worthing.

“I would urge others who want to help the community, but need money to do it, to get in touch and we will see if we can help.”

For further information on the Community Initiative Fund contact your County Councillor or visit the County Local Committee pages at

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  1. Posted 21 Mar, 2012 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

    Why oh why, do the liberal demcrats think redistributing hard earned taxpayers money to projects such as youth elections makes sense?

    If they cannot think of better things to spend our cash on there is always the obvious choice of lowering the council tax and allowing residents the right to choose how their cash is spent themselves.

    The Lib Dems will be toast after the next election and not before time, ego driven idiots playing with our money – you could not trust them to look after the cat never mind the council.