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We should avoid creating turbulence and distraction in education system – Rogerson

Commenting on the reports of the re-introduction of O-Levels, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Education, Dan Rogerson said:

“Liberal Democrats absolutely support reforms to improve standards where the evidence is clear, and we have done so in the Coalition Government.

“We want to raise aspirations for all children, which is why every child should have the chance to achieve good qualifications. A two-tier system, with all the upheaval and instability this would cause, is not the way to achieve higher standards across the board.

“Reform needs to be managed carefully and we should avoid creating a huge amount of turbulence and distraction in the education system for no real gain.

“Rather than harking back to an age when children started their adult life with qualifications that were seen as second rate, we want to look forward and work with teachers and schools to give them the freedom and tools needed to stretch pupils, drive up standards and entrench a culture of high expectations in every school.”