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West Sussex children are waiting to be adopted

“I miscarried five times because of a genetic condition but I’m really glad I didn’t have a birth child because I wouldn’t now have Nial,” says Mary, 46, from Chichester.

Mary is right behind West Sussex County Council’s campaign to raise awareness about Adoption and recruit more adoptive parents during National Adoption Week (October 31 to November 6).  

The Council needs to recruit more adoptive parents because it has 27 West Sussex children, in foster care, who are waiting to be adopted. So far this year, 15 children have already been matched and adopted into local families.  

Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Peter Evans, said: “We really need more people from all walks of life to come forward to adopt these children who are waiting to become part of someone’s family.

“There is a variety of reasons why children can’t remain with their birth families but if more people come forward it will mean these West Sussex children can be matched quickly and correctly with the right adoptive parents in the right home within the county.”

Mary says her advice to anyone considering becoming an adoptive parent is: “Do it, don’t hesitate. If you want to mother or father then adopting a child is just the most wonderful thing in the world. From starting the process to adopting Nial took only nine months and the bond between us is so strong. Our social worker was just fantastic and the home visits were a lot less intrusive than we imagined.

“We now have a loving, boisterous three year-old son who is very clingy because I know he’s frightened of being rejected. Friends have told me they’ve never seen me smile so much since adopting Nial; and it’s true. We are now going through the whole process again in the hope of adopting a little girl to add to our family.”

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1.     British Association for Adoption and Fostering’s (BAAF’s) National Adoption Week 2011 runs from October 31 to November 6.
2.     The National Adoption Week 2011 highlights the needs of those children who wait longest for a family and who are the most difficult to
3.     Anyone who’s interested in adopting West Sussex children and young people can call the County Adoption team on 01403 229553 or visit