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West Sussex Lib Dem Shock at Policy Cost of £300,000 for 4 children

The Cabinet Member for Education and Schools recently decided to meet the costs of up to £2,900 in further education fees for a small number of children who have been home educated for a year or longer.


The Liberal Democrat Group asked for more detail at a recent County Council meeting and learnt that the new policy had been introduced following a request made by the parents of four children currently being home educated.  Despite the County Council being aware of 112 other children who might be eligible for this funding, the Cabinet Member has no intention of contacting them to make them aware of the new policy although they will be told if they contact the County Council direct.


West Sussex Liberal Democrats believe the proposals were rushed through in order to allow these children to start their college courses in September and a request to scrutinise the proposals was denied.


Leader of the West Sussex Lib Dem group, Morwen Millson said, “We are surprised that a new policy has been created following a request by just three parents. 


“We are not against home educating but it is wrong to start funding a new initiative when there has been no consultation and ahead of any proposals from central Government.  If all those parents of children aged 14-16 that we know are being home educated come forward to claim this money it could cost the County Council over £300k per year.  On the back of having removed financial support for other groups of children recently, this seems a strange way to do business”.