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Worthing High School – Academy Bid Update from Parents

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Further to the recent press release from Worthing High School, telling us that their academy conversion has been granted “in principle” by the DfE, we have contacted the DfE to request their letter to the school, detailing the conditions that must be met before conversion is rubber stamped. Our contact at the DfE was rather surprised that the school is releasing information to the press at such an early stage of the process and assured us that this is far from being a done deal, with a great deal of work and scrutiny yet to be completed.
Our children are going back to school this week after the summer break, a period that has been particularly difficult for education nationwide – news that academies can now employ unqualified teachers is extremely controversial and the English GCSE marking scandal is still very much in the news. Moreover, our children returning to Worthing High School after the break, will be taught by teachers who remain vehemently opposed to the Governors’ plans to convert to an academy, many of whom went on strike on July 11th to demonstrate their opposition, and all of whom now face TUPE consultation – employment legislation concerning transfer of their contracts. We fear teacher morale at Worthing High School is currently at an all time low. We understand that teachers have discussed further strike action as well as carrying out their responsibilities on a work to rule basis.
The Worthing High Academy Action Group campaign continues because we support the teachers at Worthing High School, because we oppose the privatisation of our state education system, because we feel the Governors’ ‘consultation’ was shambolic and undemocratic and because we have lost faith in school’s management. We believe the Governors should abandon their ill-conceived smash and grab initiative and focus on what is really important: raising the standard of education for our children. Our campaign group has growing support and includes many parents at Worthing High School and its feeder schools as well as three local councillors and the wider community.
We have been out in Worthing gathering 400 signatures over the last few weeks on our new West Sussex County Council petition against the academy programme, both online and on paper.
To sign the petition, you must have a West Sussex postcode to be eligible, through home, work or place of study.

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Our next public meeting will be on 11th September, at Southdown pub, Northcourt Road, Worthing at 7.30 pm. 

If you would like further comments from current parents at Worthing High School, then you can call Sue Venables on 07979748081 or Corianda Sweetman on 07941775209.


Sarah Maynard and WHAAG committee


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    Notice amount of comments blocked already, this group don’t allow for debate unless you agree with them…what’s democratic about that? Not a good advert for the cause is it??

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      Bit late to reply, so my apologies. I would refute this statement and I can assure you that this has been the only comment on this topic, and as far as I am aware only spam replies and comments are unauthorised and prevented from appearing. Dissent, disagreement and opinion are in no way a justifiable reason for censorship of any kind. This is not the policy we as a party, or this site adopt. If anyone is concerned, then please contact us.