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Worthing Liberal Democrats Weekly Newsletter – 21st to 27th April 2013

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Leader:  Extraordinary behaviour


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1. Tory Grandee Jumps Ship


2. Tories Out Of Touch On Guildbourne

3. County Candidates Bask On Sunshine


4. Parking – The Saga Continues


21ST TO 27TH APRIL 2013

      • Lib Dems will keep County services local where ever possible
      • Lib Dems will devolve more money to be spent locally and allow local residents to decide how it’s spent
      • Lib Dems will ensure vulnerable people are safeguarded and support 20 mph in Worthing’s residential roads
Leader:  Extraordinary behaviour
Worthing Tories acted two years ago to reflect the residents desire to cut Democratic Services’ costs by reducing the number of council meetings.  Unfortunately the effect was less transaprency and more decisions being taken by a priviledged few – the infamous five who make up the Cabinet.  Instead of cutting Democratic Services they cut democracy.
Yet on Thursday this week they pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the Mayor granting leave to hold an Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Council on May 14th to discuss car parking, S.106 monies and economic strategy.  We had the discussion on car parking at the last Council with the decisions already taken to take off-street parking largely in-house and the Cabinet Member for Environment renegotiating the on-street parking contract.  So what more is there to discuss that needs approval by Council?   There is a rumour circulating the Tories are getting cold feet about bringing off-street back in-house – could it be we are going to see a u-turn after the County elections?   Call us cynics but the papers for the meeting are not available until the day after the election.
Or could it be the Tories have at long last recognised the right of residents to see democracy in action?   Car parking, the spending of S.106 monies and the economic strategy have all been hot topics with residents and too many decisions have been made behind closed doors without input from those residents.
The car parking saga is well rehearsed so let’s concentrate on S.106 monies and the economic strategy.  S.106 monies are the contributions made by developers to the local authority for infrastructure.  Residents in Broadwater were upset to discover the S.106 money received from the development at 120 Dominion Road specifically for use on green spaces was spirited away to Palatine Park.  Yet 120 Dominion Road is dead opposite Kitties Field which is crying out for new play equipment. The decision was made behind closed doors and only uncovered by probing by the Lib Dems.  Perhaps residents will have more say in future but we wouldn’t hold our breath. Worthing Liberal Democrats would give the power to residents to make their own decisions.
Tories have a hands off approach to economic strategy – nothing can be done about Teville Gate as it’s in private hands.   The Guildbourne Centre was treated similarly as it is held on a long term lease but the Cabinet Member for Regeneration Bryan Turner suddenly sprang into action as the County Council elections approached.  Cllr Turner was pictured on the upper deck in the Herald making promises of action.
Unfortunately Cllr Turner seems to have not informed the leaseholders as a letter in this week’s Herald from Richard Baker of Factory Outlets says: “We have had no approach from the council making any suggestions regarding the Guildbourne Centre.”
The Cabinet Member has exhibited extraordinary behaviour.
Worthing Liberal Democrats



Tuesday 23rd April – Tory West Sussex County Councillor for Worthing West John Livermore, who is not restanding for re-election, has joined UKIP.  Cllr Livermore’s decision follows a similar one by Paul Graysmark in Adur who is standing for UKIP in next week’s County election.  A longstanding member of the Conservative Party, Cllr Livermore has gained respect over the years as Chairman of Planning Committees on both Worthing Borough Council and West Sussex County Council.

Thursday 25th April – The Worthing Herald published today a letter from Richard Baker of Factory Outlets responding to last week’s article featuring Worthing Tory Cabinet Member for Regeneration promising action on the Guildbourne Centre.  Mr Baker stated in his letter that contrary to the impression given in the article Factory Outlets had received no approach from Worthing Borough Council regarding the Guildbourne Centre.
Worthing Lib Dem Group Leader Alan Rice said: “The Tories far from being ‘in touch’ with what’s happening in Worthing have proved yet again how out of touch they really are. Out of touch on Teville Gate and out of touch on the Guildbourne Centre.”


Thursday 25th April – Worthing Liberal Democrats were under the impression that the major decisions on car parking were done and dusted.  Paul Yallop, Leader of the Council, has repeated several times off-street parking is being taken in-house in accordance with a Cabinet decision made on March 28th.  The Cabinet Member for Environment Clive Roberts has said he will renegotiate the contract with West Sussex on on-street parking.  Today we were advised the Mayor has approved an Extra Ordinary Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday May 14th to discuss car parking, S.106 monies and economic strategy. Papers will be made available on Friday May 3rd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Worthing Lib Dem Group Leader Alan Rice said: “Now what’s happening?  Council is only usually needed to approve a change to the budget – is more money required to bring car parking in house?  Or is the rumour the Tories have got cold feet about bringing in house true?”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thursday 25th April –  Worthing Subshine Radio broadcast today a discussion between candidates in next week’s County Council elections.  The show was hosted by regular DJ Cookie Jones.  Five candidates took part – James Doyle (Green Party), Mike Barrett and Brian Hall (Labour), Alan Rice (Lib Dem) and Mike Jelliss (UKIP).  The Conservative Party was invited but no candidate was available. Topics discussed included community engagement, localism, pot holes and improvements to the town centre. The show will be broadcast again on Cookie Jones show next Thursday on election day.


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