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Worthing New Pool Funding – End of Tories dither and delay, hopefully?

Worthing Liberal Democrats last night (Tuesday) welcomed the fact that the Tories have at long last made decisions on the future of the Aquarena site sale and a new funding plan for the new pool.

On whether the decisions are right or wrong Lib Dem Leader Alan Rice who was present at the meeting of the Joint Strategic Committee (JSC) couldn’t possibly comment.

Once again the decisions were taken behind closed doors with public and press banned and Alan effectively sworn to secrecy.

The previous funding plan agreed in April this year was viewed by the Liberal Democrats with deep scepticism and the fact that it has been substituted by a new one speaks volumes.

It remains to be seen if this one is any less fragile. What is going to go on the old Aquarena site and whether it will meet the wishes of residents also remains to be seen.

Alan; commented after the meeting:

 “At least we have seen an end to the dither and delay or have we? If this new funding plan is anything like as fragile as the last I am sure we will be back to the table again? Will the new development on the Aquarena site meet the vision of the ‘Masterplan’ for an active beach zone? How high will the buildings be? Will local residents be pleased?

All questions to which we will have to wait release of the documents for answers. Then I could possibly comment.”