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Youth Cabinet elections

Records beaten once again in West Sussex Youth Cabinet elections

Records have been smashed in the West Sussex County Council Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament elections, with 39,000 votes cast for the two elections.

It’s the 11th year elections have been held. A total of 20,088 young people voted casting a total of 39,163 in both elections, meaning that 23 percent of young people in West Sussex aged between 11 and 19-years-old took part in the democratic process.

Elections Manager Maddie Scutt, had the task of signing up harder to reach groups to take part in the elections.

She said: “Our candidates included young parents, young carers, and young people with multiple needs. We had some polling stations that were also interesting, including foyers, youth centres and mobile provisions.

“One highlight was running elections roadshows, where I got to meet young people and chat with them about why democratic involvement is so important.”

County Council Cabinet Member for Children and Families Peter Evans, responsible for the Youth Cabinet, said: “The successful Youth Cabinet members will now work alongside County Hall decision makers when looking at issues that affect the lives of young people in West Sussex.

“Congratulations to all involved for running yet another successful election. The Elections Team are already looking to build on this success for next year’s elections, and encourage even more young people to use their voice and democratic right.”

The votes were made up of a mixture of on-line voting and traditional ballot papers.

The West Sussex Youth Cabinet has a diverse mix of gender, races, backgrounds and age. They work together to represent young people’s interests in West Sussex.

Anyone between the age of 11 and 19 can apply to be on the Youth Cabinet during election periods.

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