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European Parliament votes for a unified patent scheme

Members of the European Parliament have voted to establish a Europe wide Patent system. The unified patent system would allow registration of patents with a single European Union (EU) authority rather than in each of its 27 member states and would also establish a unified European Patent Court. The European Patent Office would administer the […]

Sharon Bowles MEP calls on UK Government to support deal on European Patent Court

Sharon Bowles Member of the European Parliament and accredited European Patent Attorney, has today called on the UK Government to support a proposed deal on the location of the new European Patent Court. A European patent that covers the whole of the single market, rather than the current system which requires patents to be registered […]

Central banks’ posting of collateral, Round 2

Sharon Bowles MEP for South-East England, who chairs the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, welcomes the announcement by the Bank of England that they will no longer ask for a special exemption when it comes to certain derivative transactions that it enters into on behalf of the UK. Central banks’ often enter into […]

EU urgently needs sustainable free trade with US and Japan

Catherine Bearder Member of the European Parliament for South-East England has told the online magazine Public Service Europe that the EU needs free trade agreements with the major developed economics to kick-start economic growth again. As European leaders trudge once more towards another ‘make or break’ European summit, the debate is still raging across Europe […]

Tories reject new transparency rules to clamp down on corruption

Senior Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder has today criticised Conservative MEPs on forming and ‘unholy alliance’ with UKIP and fascist MEPs to vote down new EU rules calling for big businesses to publish what they pay to governments in developing countries. Due to the Conservative and far-right alliance, the International Trade Committee have rejected tough […]

Standing up for online freedoms – European Parliament Trade Committee rejects ACTA

The European Parliament’s Trade Committee has voted against the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Agreement (ACTA) as a recommendation for the whole Parliament to reject the deal during its session in July 2012. The committee voted by 19 votes to 12. No member of the committee abstained. Liberal Democrat MEP for South-East England Catherine Bearder commented after the […]

EU pledges strong action to stop trafficking

A new European strategy aimed at stemming the flow of women, men and children trafficked across the continent, has been welcomed by Catherine Bearder MEP for South-East England. It came as Catherine hosted the Fighting Human Trafficking event at the European Parliament earlier on 20 June. A team of female rowers who took part in […]

What Sharon Did Last Week (11 – 15 June)

Monday Sharon took a morning flight to Strasbourg to attend the Parliament in Strabourg. During the day Sharon attended a number of meetings in preparation for the week’s agenda specifically with LDEPP (Liberal Democrat European Parliamentary Party) and ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe). At 7 PM Sharon took the Chair in  Economic […]

Sharon Bowles condemns “EU member states wanting to continue hiding debts”

The European Parliament has suspended trialogue negotiations with member states on legislation regarding the disclosure of information of national and regional public accounts. The Parliament’s negotiating team, led by rapporteur Sharon Bowles MEP, issued the following statement: “Three years down the line and some EU governments are incredibly still blind to the most basic lessons to […]

Top Liberal Democrat MEP demands new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive to “ensure open and fair access”

Sharon Bowles MEP for South-East England, who chairs the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, today called for ‘open and fair access to trading venues and central counterparties (CCP).’ Some areas of industry have lobbied heavily to delete the provisions in the newly proposed European Commission’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) which would […]